A Not-So-New Rule for Wise People

Know what you don't know

It’s a NEW YEAR! And since we all must become one year older in 2018, let this year also be a time the “Real You” grows another year wiser. Could you use some more wisdom and understanding in your daily life? Here’s a not-so-new rule for wise people that they use all the time:  KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW!


NEW RULE FOR WISE PEOPLE: Know what you do and what you do not know.

What happens when you feel stuck without understanding your next steps?

What do you do if hard relationships leave you feeling confused and hopeless?

At what point do you admit you don’t have all the answers and it’s time to ask for help? 

I like how Ben Franklin put it:

The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.”

The dictionary defines ignorance as the lack of knowledge or information. When you appreciate the differences between that which is known to you and that which you still need to understand, your focus remains on solutions, possibilities and positive change. Put another way, when you know which information is missing from your understanding, it’s easier to stay on a path of discovery.


Go where you focus.

Your mind is brilliantly designed to go in the direction of your focus. Focus on learning what you don’t know so you can find a remedy for your lack of knowledge as soon as possible. No doubt, you’ll arrive at a wiser destination.

Here are a couple people who organized what they knew and didn’t know.  Look what happened!

Three wise kings from the Orient were unwavering in their focus on an astronomical phenomenon. Traveling a great distance over many weeks, they found not only what and who they were seeking, they discovered a paradigm-shifting answer to centuries of conflict and oppression.

Ben Franklin focused on understanding more about many things he didn’t know. Out of this knowledge of what he didn’t already know came far more than most people realize:  Poor Richard’s Almanac, bifocal glasses, the first lending library, the rocking chair, the lightning rod, and many other valuable inventions.


Get wiser with this 5-minute, ignorance-busting organizer.

The Real You needs to eliminate time-wasting ignorance and mis-understandings with this new rule for the wise.

In December, we discussed how just 5 minutes could buy you back all sorts of lost time when you spend those minutes on purpose.  And, if you are willing to spend these few minutes just once each week, why not go for even greater rewards.  With just 5 more minutes, you can grow your wisdom and sharpen your understanding of complicated situations and challenging circumstances.



Ask Questions. Think more about a situation you are struggling with right now and ask yourself: Do you have your knowledge (and lack of knowledge) well-arranged?

Map it Out. On one side of a piece of paper, write down what you know.  On the other side, write down what information seems to be missing. Identify anything that you believe would help you understand the details and the issues better.

Focus on Answers. What process will you use to learn more? Will you research? Interview? Observe?

Here’s some important information you need to push from the “Don’t Know” category over to the “I Do Know” category.

Discovering your inner design is vital to anyone seeking more wisdom and understanding:

Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2018 be a year for you to gain in wisdom and understanding!

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