If there’s really only one you . . .

Did you catch the new thinking that can lead to an extraordinary life?  If you haven’t been able to read about that yet, please check it out HERE. And then, come on back. Because we need to finish the thought! If there’s really only one you, then you must truly be extraordinary.

Do you already believe this to be true? Or do you question how this could be true since you so often feel so ordinary? Perhaps you even feel much less than adequate on most days. What happens If your past choices or present circumstances are limiting you from the extraordinary life you feel you’re meant to live? If there’s really only one you, then some other things are true as well. Think on this…


If there’s really only one you…then your purpose is uncommon.

From the time I was old enough to remember, I began to notice just how different I seemed to be from everyone else around me. I don’t mean, different in my physical appearance. I mean different in the ways I thought about myself, about others, and about the world around me. I was always coming from another angle than the one that others were taking. I felt compelled to see as much of the big picture as I could. And I couldn’t seem to avoid trying to look behind the proverbial curtain to see what others couldn’t see or didn’t care to see. I was certain that there was also more to be uncovered about a story whether it be fiction or real-life circumstances. I knew I was “different.”

How about you? Can you remember asking yourself why you seemed to care about things that others didn’t? Whether big issues or small details, why do some things escape your notice and others stare you right in the face, compelling you to do something about them? I suggest that it’s because your inner drives, preferences, and strengths are all moving you in a specific direction along a road to your unique purpose.


An uncommon purpose requires positive beliefs.

Although you’ve been designed with a unique and uncommon purpose in mind, there are definite obstacles in your path. Nothing presents as large of an obstacle to living in your purpose like a negative belief.

Beliefs either reinforce or work against the purpose you’re living out.
Consider 30-yr old Andrea…

Andrea has always known that her gift for making spontaneous and impulsive decisions could be used for leading others just where they need to go. Each time she practices the art of pausing just for a moment before making her sudden moves, the outcome is to the advantage of everyone around her.

She leads with courage and inspires others to be the same. But it’s her positive beliefs about her strengths that determine her success. You see, it could be just as easy for her to condemn her spontaneous nature. It can get her into trouble just as fast as it can assist her.

But believing that her spontaneity and impulsiveness come with a purpose gives her the motivation to use these strengths wisely.  If she doesn’t practice that pause mentioned earlier, she’ll say things that tear down relationships rather than build them. Pausing allows her to count the cost of her actions before she takes them. Andrea’s purpose is uncommon and one that only she can live out. She’ll need to believe in the value of her strengths so that they will empower her, rather than hinder her.


There will only be one you.

 There’s ONLY one of the Real You. Your uncommon purpose, matched with the inner resources required for success, are all unlocked when you know your Inner design. So be uncommon. Be extraordinary. Be the Real You.

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