Finding Your Next Move – Do You Know Where to Look?

Finding your next move

Looking for your next move? You’ve no doubt discovered an immense collection of personal advice, online tweetables and “quick” tips for improving your circumstances. But have you found something that truly helped you sort through all the noise? The number of options can seem endless. And new opportunities are ready to be found. Regardless of WHOSE advice you follow, finding your next move starts in one place. Do you know WHERE to look?


Your BEST Next Move

Last week, we talked about the importance of knowing the answer to some important “Why” questions. Knowing why you are compelled by certain opportunities that others turn a blind eye to is important. Discovering the difference between things that should motivate you and things that actually motivate you matters. Perhaps just as important is knowing WHERE you can look to find your next move.

Whether you are considering a major change in career, a minor shift in how you spend time, or a total life makeover, your BEST next move is found looking from one vantage point. Are you looking to the past, the future, the present, or a “space” in time created based on your goals? The Real You and how you use time to see your opportunities can reveal your next move.


Is Your Next Move a Look Back or a Leap Forward?

Maybe you focus on the present moment to find the very best next move?

For some, it’s in the present that you sense all the opportunities available to you. Pause just for a moment and take action. Leap ahead, using the drives and motivations that only the Real You can follow. To some, it may look unconventional or even a bit rebellious. But please, let the Real You be the one to fairly evaluate the results of your actions.

Do you evaluate your options based on the success or failure of events that happened in the past?

The Real You may be designed to look from this perspective to see the true opportunities ahead. The past is an essential view for some because it reveals whether a move is worth repeating. Is it working? Not working? For some, the past is their best location for forward-thinking.

If finding your next move is done within a system you created yourself, the Real You may be the type that analyzes every possible move with some clear goals in mind.

Even if it departs from the path recommended by the most seasoned advisors, you must follow every move to the end to find the very best next move.

Perhaps your best next move is found after taking a step back.

This step back is not to review success or failures of the past, but rather to see a bigger picture. Flying a few thousand feet up can give you the best view of the future and its potential. Again, if this is how The Real You does it, then do it that way. Care less if it flies in the face of convention. Aren’t you looking for your very best next move? Isn’t okay that it’s not a move anyone else you know is making?


Follow These Steps to Find Your Best Next Move Where the Real You Finds It

  1. Your first step is to discover the Real You. This free tool will give you the first insight you need.
  2. Your next step involves learning as much as you can about your inner design and how the Real You follows that design to determine the next move that’s best.  INNERKINETICS, by best-selling author, Ray W. Lincoln is a must-have guide.
  3. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we unpack more detail on how the Real You can learn to make your very best next move.

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