Podcast #5: I’m a Keeper – Living by Design

I'm a Keeper - Living by Design

All parents become parents for the first time each time they welcome another child into their family.  Unfortunately, we must learn as we go as best we can.  We must learn how to parent from the beginning because your children are not the same as you and each child is different from the next.  But there is one tool that will help immensely and will consistently reward you.  Therefore, learn it!

Learn How to Parent with the Best Discipline Method

So, what is this tool — this “best discipline method”?  It’s called “The Grace Method of Discipline.”  And we will take an introductory look at it today.  This will help you see the benefits you and your child will experience when you learn how to parent with it.

In this episode:

First, we’ll take a look at “The Grace Method of Discipline” by looking closely at the two most important words in that title:

  • Grace:  What exactly is it?
  • Discipline: Be sure to define it correctly!  (Clue:  Do not confuse discipline with punishment.)

Next, we’ll learn:

  • Why discipline must never lose sight of its goals.
  • What are the goals of discipline?
  • If we lose sight of these goals, what results should we expect?

And finally, we’ll discover why the grace method disciplines best and builds a strong parent-child relationship rather than causing friction and strife.

Ready?  Let’s begin!

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