Podcast Episode #3: “I’m a Keeper – Living by Design”

I'm a Keeper - Living by Design

Let’s give some attention today to parent-child bonding.

We’ve already discussed some points that are critical to parenting success.  Parent-child bonding would be at the top of the list.  Let’s review:

  • We must understand each other in order to have successful relationships.
  • Bonding cannot be achieved by the parent.  The child must bond with the parent.
  • To achieve parent-child bonding, we must understand our child’s temperament (and our own!).

 So… What is temperament?

In this episode, we’ll consider:

Dr. Lincoln will share with you a story that illustrates the value of understanding to successful and enjoyable parent-child relationships.

Grab your copy of I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper! to continue your journey into understanding your child.  (Psst! Subscribers to our weekly updates receive a 15% discount and free shipping when the  book is purchased from that link!)

Here are links for quick access to the InnerKinetics Child Temperament Key and the InnerKinetics Adult Temperament Key that Dr. Lincoln discussed in this episode.

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