Podcast Episode #4: “I’m a Keeper – Living by Design”

I'm a Keeper - Living by Design

Is yours a peaceful home?  Or are there far too many personal relationship clashes between your children or between you and your child?  Why do these clashes occur?  Is there anything we can do to reduce the frequency and intensity of the relationship-busting encounters?  Is there any hope for real peace and the relationships you long to create in your family?

YES!  There is hope!  So, let’s get at it!

In this episode, we’ll focus on:

  • Personal relationship clashes are often a result of a lack of understanding of how the other person thinks. Why do we find it difficult to understand our children’s ways of thinking?
  • Why we should NOT USE the “BLM method” of parenting
  • The challenge of emotions in parenting
  • The effects of the struggle for independence
  • Why our children behave differently at home than at school

And I’ll suggest a method of discipline that REALLY WORKS!

Grab your copy of I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper! to continue your journey into understanding your child.  (Psst! Subscribers to our weekly updates receive a 15% discount and free shipping when the  book is purchased from that link!)

Here are links for quick access to the InnerKinetics Child Temperament Key and the InnerKinetics Adult Temperament Key that Dr. Lincoln discussed in this episode.

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