Change – Make It Positive and Priority #1

Businessman pressing a Change concept button.

By Janet Kellogg

Why change?  Why fix something that isn’t broken? After all, since you are making an effort to read this, it’s likely you are a highly motivated person who is interested in making all areas of your life the best they can be. There’s nothing about you that is actually “broken.” So why change? Why make it your top priority?

Answer: Change is the essential goal if you are to experience the Real You. And not just any kind of change . . . POSITIVE CHANGE.

If you read last week’s post, you’ll recall that the Real You is a series of choices you make repeatedly that drive you consistently down a path you can feel comfortable and confident walking — a path toward your purpose and a sense of real fulfillment. Now that’s a path worth taking! That’s positive change. Unfortunately for many, it’s the “road less traveled.”

. . . The Real You is always moving, constantly transforming into a more confident, more purpose-driven You.

. . . The Real You is pursuing expert-level use of your strengths and consciously eliminating weaknesses with each response to the stresses of life.

. . . The Real You adopts a lifestyle of thinking that is laser-focused on replacing negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones. And not just thoughts about yourself, but also thoughts about those around you.

 . . . The Real You knows that positive change is a choice you make every day.


Does the Real You sound too good to be true or too difficult to bother with? Has it been the road less traveled in your life?

GOOD NEWS: If you answered “YES,” I am already impressed! You are living in the real world where “stuff” happens that messes up your plans and your best intentions. You are thinking about the real challenges that change presents. And more importantly, you recognize your need for positive change. You are well on your way to establishing positive change as your top priority and making a plan for achieving it!

MORE GOOD NEWS: The Real You is not outside your reach. You are hard-wired to pursue and discover this person. Here’s where you start:

Step 1: Recognize that discovering and developing more of the Real You is possible.

Complete the InnerKinetics® Adult Temperament Key to determine your unique inner design.

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Step 2: Learn how your daily choices bring you closer to consistently experiencing the Real You, and not some “knock-off” version.

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Step 3: Make a lifestyle of positive change your top priority.

Join us in taking the InnerStrength Challenge that begins in April. You’ll hear more about this as we move forward, so stay tuned.  You won’t want to miss this exciting personal growth experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover real fulfillment in all areas of your life. The Real You is Waiting!

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