Did you know that your most powerful emotions are custom-made, by you?

Your powerful emotions

Why can’t general cookie-cutter advice about self-control (a.k.a. emotional control) work for every person? And why do some people always seem so calm and collected in the face of conflict? Some of us are literally biting our nails off to keep from saying what we really want to say. The short answer: YOUR CUSTOMIZED AND WILDLY POWERFUL EMOTIONS.

If you’ve ever tried to describe your most powerful emotions in simple terms, you’re likely to agree it’s a very difficult task. I suggest that it’s because your emotions are not just powerful, but by the time you’re feeling them, they’ve also become a part of your unique experiences and the custom-made ways you express yourself. We’re so busy uniquely expressing these powerful emotions in our daily lives, maybe it’s time to understand them on a much deeper level.


Your powerful emotions are custom-made and driven by your InnerKinetics.

As we’ve been discussing in the last few weeks, emotions are forces that drive us to either become our best or display our very worst. Now that’s some power!

In our book study on Intelligently Emotional, we’ve been working to understand the power our emotions have in shaping our lives. These mysterious forces play a critical role in driving us in the direction our lives are intended to go. Yet, really understanding them, mastering the use of them, and communicating them to others is not easy.


In coaching and training scenarios, I’ve described emotions more like “mega-thoughts” because simple terms just don’t seem to cut it.  Go ahead. Try to adequately describe how love or peace feels with just one word.

Can’t do it?

Neither can I.

Perhaps the complexity and raw power of emotions simply escape the confines of a single, simple thought. Maybe all these emojis we use in our texts aren’t the best way to communicate. So much of our daily communication with friends and family is centered on how we feel about some situation or how we’re generally feeling about the day.  And I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling upset, I can’t just pick one emoji to represent my upset. I have to use at least 3 or 4.  Why is that? And why does my combo of emojis look like a clan of red-faced devils, whereas my friend’s preferred emoji is a single, cute, little “aww nuts” face to express her upset? Is that really the extent of her upset feelings? My feelings are way more intense.


Mastering your powerful emotions is possible and important.

Our emotions are forces that bring a richness and intensity to our lives that can take us in two very different directions. Clearly, we need to understand and master them before they master us.

  • Understanding them is important because, without understanding, we can’t identify which one is influencing us.
  • Mastering them is important because we need to be able to take that important window of opportunity we’re given to pick a more helpful one when needed. After all, we don’t want our negative emotions, which go nowhere good, to be in the driver’s seat.
  • Communicating them is important because it’s in our interactions with our spouse, kids, friends, and co-workers that we get to express what makes us truly unique and good for others to be around. We’re unique expressions of a God-given inner design and it’s our powerful emotions that color all the various ways we express this design and enter into healthy relationships.

When you understand your custom-made emotions as a unique force in your life that is meant for your benefit, things take a very positive turn.


Make your custom-made emotions work FOR you, not against.

We’ve started a 6-week book study, designed to dramatically level up your emotional intelligence (“your EQ”). And even though it’s already begun, it’s definitely not too late to jump in and go at your own pace.

Here’s everything you need to do to join us:

  1. Make sure you know your InnerKinetics. A simple assessment will provide the answers you’ll need as we study how to become intelligently emotional.  Just click that orange button to complete the assessment and get the results immediately on the screen.  You’ll want to take a screenshot or record the results so you can refer back to them as you progress through the study.
  2. Grab your copy of the bookIntelligently Emotional by Ray W. Lincoln.
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See you next week!

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