Practice the Art of Leaning In

Practice the Art of Leaning In

When you meet obstacles, do you tend to step back or lean in? Either action can be appropriate depending on the circumstances. But one certainly seems like a more reactive response and the other, more proactive – especially when responding to a major challenge. For example, taking a step back is often necessary to gain a bigger picture. But, leaning in toward a major challenge is often the alternative to getting knocked over or pushed back. If you’re feeling the urge to become more proactive in your plans or personal development, today’s post is for you. Let’s talk about the art of “leaning in” to some of the most powerful and personalized forces in your life.


“Leaning In” to What?

In a recent post, we talked about the fading art of standing out from a crowd. And although it’s proving more difficult than it used to be, it’s still important you know how to accomplish it.  You are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Your purpose on earth, here and now, cannot be duplicated by anyone else. But to stand out, you have to lean into the very powerful forces at work within you every day. They’re yours by design. They are your design-driven inner strengths.

So, what does it mean to “lean in” to your inner strengths?

This may sound like some generic exercise. But I assure you it’s anything but generic.  ONLY YOU – the Real You – can put your inner strengths in motion and create the outcomes you’ll experience. Consider this example.

Let’s say you are among those of us who feel strongly compelled to diversify, re-prioritize, and get more out of your time and efforts. Whether it’s a different job, an important cause, or a new focus, that urge is there for an important reason. Will you ignore it? Or will you lean in and determine WHY you feel this way?

Leaning in to this situation may mean you’re uncomfortable for a while. It might represent a risk to your income if it leads you away from a chosen career path. It could mean you let an unhealthy relationship in your life fade to the past. It may even mean you step forward into higher levels of responsibility or visibility. Regardless of the implications, reprioritizing your time and attention will require you to view the situation through a very specific lens and employ highly customized tools.

  • The lens I speak of is your God-given inner design.
  • The custom tools you need are the inner strengths that come inherent to your design.


The Right Kind of Action

Action changes things. But it needs to be a positive, proactive, forward-moving action, right?  This is where knowing and understanding your inner design comes into play. Actions that use your strengths properly ARE the very actions that will lead to you getting more from your time and efforts. Continuing on with the example of re-prioritizing your time and energy…

If you’re an emotional, sensitive “NF,” you must be using these strengths of being emotional and sensitive so as to achieve that result. If incorrectly used, these will destroy your ability to re-prioritize. Consider just two of the many NF inner strengths at play:

  • EMOTIONAL – Used correctly, you arrest harmful negative emotions that would thwart your goals and you replace them with helpful positive emotions that drive you forward until your goal of using your time and energy in the best possible ways is achieved.
  • SENSITIVE – Being hypersensitive can scatter your focus. It can focus you on every little thing that concerns you. Without focus, there’s no progress. But using the strength of being sensitive correctly can target one concern at a time for your own betterment.

NFs are designed to see the big picture in circumstances. But when you see the big picture, what do you notice first that needs your attention? All your senses, all the messages that come in, and even the intuitive channel create a pinpoint for what should get your attention first.  The point of focus should be the one thing that leads to the strongest improvement (progress) first. Maybe it’s only one of your present activities that needs to be discontinued or replaced.  Take the right kind of action and you’ll find your desire to spend time and energy in the most fulfilling ways possible will soon become reality.


The Whole Truth About Yourself

Lean into the whole truth by discovering the truth of who YOU are — the “Real You” — and who your children truly are, as well as how to best engage your children in finding the whole truth.  Our team at InnerKinetics is ready to provide that help.  If you’d like some assistance, you can request a consultation and an InnerKinetics consultant will call you to answer questions and schedule your meeting. Schedule an Initial Consultation. If you are more independent and want to cut to the chase, you need not wait for a call back because you can get answers to your questions and schedule your session HERE.


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