INTELLIGENTLY EMOTIONAL (Temperament — Completing the EQ Puzzle)


Are there such things as intelligent emotions? This book will argue that there are and they are the ones we must focus on if we want to know success.

Drawing from the critical literature on temperament psychology, Ray W. Lincoln will show us how understanding the patterns of emotion in our temperament will enable us to manage our emotions effectively. Frustration, hurt, anger, loneliness, and jealousy are just some of the emotions we need to have in our control — not “off the leash” and attacking us.

If you long to know how to understand your emotions and the immense power of your feelings, learn how here.

Herein is revealed the path to real emotional intelligence: learning to partner with intelligent emotions.  Understand why you (or your child) act the way you do, and learn how to manage and maximize the power of your emotions in your life.

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Hard Cover, Paperback


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