Personal Excellence


Read this booklet for:

  • Eleven practical ways to develop the potential God gave you.
  • Learning how to become one of the world’s “twenty per-centers.”
  • A place to begin a life of excellence.
  • An excellent time management tool.
  • Discovering how attitudes really are more important than facts.  

Jesus personified personal excellence.  Shouldn’t we?  All those who have felt the desire to be their best have had to find the habits and the tools for taking their lives to a new level.  

Personal Excellence will give you those tools in an easy to read condensed format.  

This book is meant to be read and then used as a periodic checkup for keeping us on the less-traveled road to the dizzy summits of the best that we can be.  

The surest way NOT to fail is to determine to succeed;

And, using good tools in all circumstances,

To trust the God who made us.


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