Tap into the vast research of temperament studies and the intricacies of how we are designed. Best-selling author and international speaker, Ray W. Lincoln, explains in simple terms how to be better than you ever imagined.

The intricacies of how we are designed are here along with the solutions to our frustrations with people.  Moments of insight and epiphany will leap at you from these pages.

You can become equipped to help lead and teach people of all ages as never before.  Don’t live without this knowledge.  keep this indispensable reference book with you in all of your attempts to succeed.

You will find:

  • Help for self-discovery and self-actualization
  • Understanding that will improve all your relationships and team environments.
  • Vital information you will need to lead with an intimate knowledge of people
  • Help with parenting our children
  • Help for teachers educators, and therapists
  • Help to motivate adults according to how they are made
  • Why and how stress affects different people and what to do to help them handle their stress
  • The Achilles heel that can derail and demotivate each type

Grab this long-awaited companion to his breakthrough book, INNERKINETICS.


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