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“Understanding is under-rated!” ~Ray W. Lincoln The bestselling author of “I’m a Keeper!” presents this five-lesson course to help you to understand why your children do (or do not do) things and what is going on inside them. Your children may be made very differently than you are. Your eyes will be opened to who your children are and you will find an increased appreciation for them and who they can become. In the process, your frustration will diminish and you will find a new peace in your parenting and in your home. Your children may frustrate you now, but you will discover that each one is A KEEPER!


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The testimonials and experiences of thousands of parents tell us that the application of this understanding about their children has revolutionized their homes into peaceful, bonded relationships. We are confident you will have the same experience – so confident, in fact, that we are offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. (See our terms and conditions)

Many people have attended the live “I’m A Keeper” workshops and the testimonials are evidence of just a few of the wonderful results parents have gained from their new understanding.  In an effort to make the workshop more widely available – to anyone around the globe – the bestselling author of I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper and creator of the “I’m a Keeper” workshop has produced an online version.  Now parents can access the course online and complete the training at their own pace, on their schedule, and without having to arrange childcare or travel to a venue.  Understanding Your Child is the first in the series of three E-courses that will comprise the original live workshop.  Lesson “Enhancements” will help the participants to internalize and apply what they are learning and each course in the series builds on the previous one.    And bonus audios and E-books will provide additional understanding that was never included in the live presentation.  Now is your golden opportunity to learn from the guru of InnerKinetics® who is praised by so many parents for helping them to understand and parent their children with love and confidence that they are parenting each child according to how it is best to parent them.



This series on Temperaments was/is revolutionary for our family.  Our relationship in our marriage and relationships with our children have been enlightened with this information.   Our  understanding of our children’s temperaments has helped immensely — with better communication skills with each, creating  nurturing environments with each, and in creating effective discipline for each.  If we had not been exposed to Dr. Lincoln’s work, we would have only been eternally frustrated with our kids and each other. ~Arlene (mother of 4, each one a different temperament)

I wanted to write and thank you for the profound impact your book and teachings have had on my family’s life.  When my daughter was born, my then 5-going-on-6-year-old really struggled and my husband and I were at our wits end. You had come to our school…and I had bought your book.  It explained my son!  It explained him in a way I had never understood before.  My husband read about him and we immediately made changes.  School has started and he is doing fabulously and happy!  He is a great little boy, although challenging at times being an INFP, but so rewarding!  Your book has changed our family and our lives for the better.  Not only do my husband and I understand our children better, but we understand each other better.  I just wanted to thank you as not everyone hears the positive impact that they have.  Thank you again! Dawn

…your information and class handouts were so good that we have recommended your books often. … Thank you for blessing our lives when you did. You made a difference for us, and through us, many others. ~Sandy

Not only has this workshop taught me a lot about why my children do the things they do and how to relate to them, but it’s also helped me understand so much about myself. ~Corey

The understanding of where our kids and my spouse are coming from will give me a better perspective.  Also, as a parent of an INFJ and an INFJ myself I have a newfound respect for my son and better tools to talk to him and show him love…Understanding makes all the difference.  Self-awareness and family-awareness. ~Meghan

I learned that I shouldn’t use the same parenting techniques for my very different children.  I also realized that, to better understand my children’s temperaments, I need to know better who I am as well as my spouse.  ~Jill

The class introduced parents to the four temperaments, the tools to assess their own temperament and their child’s, and specific guidelines for parenting each different temperament.  It was amazing to “see the light bulb go on” for parents in the class – they began to understand why their child behaves a certain way and why they react differently to these emotions and behaviors.  There were suggestions on how to increase your child’s self-esteem, help in guiding them to reach their potential, and ways to feel more confident in their parenting skills.  It just makes sense that kids are different and cannot all be parented in the same way. The evaluations after the class were excellent – people felt it was very beneficial, useful, loved how it was presented, etc.  We had over 50 people attend this class, which was amazing considering how busy parents are. ~Bev (event sponsor)


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