Got Purpose? It’s Your Red Hot “Why”!

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by Janet Kellogg

Have you found it yet? Are you still looking for that one thing that you are designed to do better than anyone else? Most people call this your purpose. Still others refer to it as your legacy – the way you can make a difference in the world. I like to call it your RED-HOT WHY?.

Purpose is your most important question to answer

Most philosophers and everyday people alike agree that it’s one of the most important questions you could ever seek to answer.

. . . What is your mission in this life? – THE THING THAT BURNS INSIDE OF YOU to accomplish?

. . . WHY WILL YOU KEEP MOVING FORWARD even in the face of life’s toughest challenges?

The Real You is hard-wired to discover answers to these questions.

The funny thing is, the answers to these questions seem very difficult to find when you spend too much time looking for them and not enough time using what you already know and what you already possess.

Your InnerKinetics®, a.k.a. your inner design, is the source of what drives you to think, feel and act the way you do. Your InnerKinetics® is the very thing that lights your way as you search for your purpose. It is the source of your motivation to keep going. Whether you are new to this understanding or you are already familiar with the finer points of operating this design, we are all faced with the same challenges. . We must understand how to operate this inner design successfully – correctly using our innate strengths and eliminating self-made weaknesses along the way.

WHY? . . . Because when we focus on the right use of our strengths, it eliminates weaknesses, and more importantly, it propels us forward into discovering our purpose. The right use of our strengths creates a sense of fulfillment and the lasting motivation we need to keep moving in the direction of our Red-Hot Why! Consider life without pursuing this. Can you imagine it as being very rewarding? If your experiences are anything like mine, you’ve found many of your most rewarding moments along the way . . . moving forward, doing something you are driven to do.

SO, if I had you at “Have you found it yet?” . . . Stay with me.

 . . . If you think your “Red-Hot Why” would be nice to know, . . . Let’s keep going!

 . . . If The Real You is curious, . . . Join me as we prepare to take the InnerStrength Challenge.
[It will begin officially on April 1].

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  1. Stacey Horn says

    I Love this post! For many years I thought I knew my Why. Since I found out my InnerKinetics®, I have found my Red Hot Why! Thank you so much for helping me- help others in such a significant way.

    • Ray W. Lincoln says

      My pleasure, Stacey. Thanks for becoming “The Real You!” In doing so, you are making this world a better place by using your strengths in the way you were designed to use them.

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