Pursuing a Real You Mindset

Pursuing a Real You Mindset

Would you like to master a more productive, purposeful mindset in this new season? Is learning how you’ve been intelligently designed to think, feel, and act among your 2021 goals? The Real You can learn to follow your inner drives, preferences, and strengths right into a custom set of exciting new opportunities. If you’re ready for a new season where the Real You shows up ready, optimistic, and laser-focused, let’s talk about achieving the “Real You” Mindset.

A Worthy Pursuit

Last week, we urged you to consider a new pursuit that’s worthy of your time, energy and attention: getting to know the Real You. It’s a game-changing goal that supercharges every other goal you may choose to set.

Did you determine your InnerKinetics® yet?

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If you’ve already begun your pursuit, perhaps you took the time I encouraged you to take last week and wrote down your top 3 takeaways.

Were you an SJ, an SP, an NT, or an NF? If you need any help with a final determination on this result, our team is always ready to help you with personal coaching.

What surprised you about your inner design and the Real You? Most of us usually find some relief to know that certain ways of thinking and doing we’ve had our whole lives are actually there for great purpose.

Did you discover an inner strength of your design that you know will help you achieve your 2021 goals? It’s likely you identified several. But constructing your Real You Mindset involves developing your inner strengths one-at-a-time, starting with your strongest strength first.


Constructing the Real You Mindset

We’ll be breaking this process into more bite-sized pieces over the next 3 weeks. But it’s time to create a checklist of success factors to support a Real You Mindset. You’ll need these:

  1. High-quality thinking.
    A set of positive beliefs help you clearly see the intentional and intelligent design at work within you. Positive beliefs equal positive thoughts. And positive thoughts serve you rather than rob you of vital momentum. Check out Chapter 1 in “INNERKINETICS.”
  2. Laser focus.
    Check your focused resolve and determination. Have you done all you can to stand firm in believing in your inevitable achievements? Check out Chapter 7, 8, 9 or 10 “INNERKINETICS” to gain a big-picture view of your target: The Real You.
  3. Clear, measurable goals.
    As it is with any well-constructed plan, you’ll need the type of goals that include specific actions you can take right away. So constructing a Real You Mindset includes actions that develop the Real You and require you to use your inner strengths. Check out Chapter 11 of “INNERKINETICS.”


If you want 2021 to be productive, more satisfying, and less frustrating, this checklist is worth taking some time with. Come back next week as we go deeper into the first item on our list: High-quality thinking.

SPOILER ALERT: You can’t skip this one. Without your positive, can-do thoughts, it’s game over.


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