With so many ways to re-charge . . . how do you choose what really works?

Re-charge inner resources the right way

Your emotional batteries are completely flat. Do you know what to do? Is your current strategy for a re-charge working? If you follow the preferences of others, rather than your own, you won’t actually get what you really need. Overcome the “Daily Burn” with the right “Daily Boost”!

Learn which way you are designed to accomplish your re-charge.  

Do you re-charge with people or exciting things around you? Or, do you have to get alone with your thoughts? You’re answers reveal whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. These terms are commonly misunderstood. Many believe they describe whether you’re social or not. On the contrary, they confirm what you must do to regain depleted energy.


Space invaders and territorial guards

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to get energized when you are around a lot of energetic people?  Many people can. Why doesn’t that work for you? Others suspect you’re just not a “people person” because you can come across as a bit distant or aloof at times. But . . .


Introverts have earned a reputation for being warm and friendly. But anyone can get “messy” when they run out of steam. How does an attractive, engaging person also become a bit territorial of their personal space in the span of 2 minutes? It’s easier to understand when you understand an important feature of an introvert’s design.

Introverts must guard their energies because every interaction is a withdrawal from their energy reserves. This fact can be easily misunderstood by the majority of other people. Non-introverts can’t relate to your need to be left alone to draw from sources within. In fact, only 25% of the world’s population are introverts.

Introverts pay attention more to the inner world:

  • How they feel internally in mind and heart when they encounter their world
  • What they think about it
  • The meaning they deduce from all their interactions and lack of reactions with the world fashion them and shape their lives.
  • Perhaps you are among the majority of people who really need other people or exciting activities to re-charge.


Do you have a reputation for being outgoing? . . . A triple “A” personality? Perhaps you have become aware of your ability to invade the personal space of others when a re-charge is necessary. Ever wonder why you can’t re-charge when left completely alone? It would be nearly impossible to really regain your energies without some connection to the outside world. Let’s be thankful for the wonderful technologies that allow you to take the outside world along with you!

Extroverts pay attention more to the outer world:

  • Extroverts have a mutual interdependency with the world.
  • Everything they observe in the world extracts a response toward it.
  • They absorb the “good vibes” of the people around them and need a lot of social interaction.


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? You need to know!

Once you know your InnerKinetics® profile, you’ll also know which way you were designed to re-charge. You are either an “introvert” or an “extrovert.” This means you can’t just follow the general advice of others to avoid inevitable burnout.

Introverts must re-charge from the inside. Dreams, inner musings, and time to reflect are essential. Extroverts need the outside world. It offers engaging people and exciting things that inspire them and elicit a response.


Consider how critical it is that you understand the way others re-charge.

Is your spouse or significant other an extrovert? And you are not? A difference in this part of your inner design is often the very source of stress between you. Feelings of neglect or underappreciation can come from misunderstanding each other’s needs.

Is your child an introvert? Perhaps that’s why you’ve witnessed their “come apart” session just after school in a crowded, noisy car.

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And stay tuned next week as we explore strategies for avoiding burnout in your fast forward life.

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