Relationship Is About Knowing Your Partner


How can one have a meaningful relationship without really knowing their partner?  I submit that you can’t.  A relationship requires commitment and no one commits to someone when they have no idea what they might do, how they think, what they value, and where the relationship might take the two of them as a result.

Relationship strength depends on the strengths of the people involved

Study your partner’s strengths. (You can read of them in detail in INNERKINETICS™ – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness). Learning his or her strengths means learning what urges and preferences beat in their heart and mind.  Knowing this will reveal where your partner might take your relationship.  Will it be to a secure future?  Do you need that?  Will it be a relationship of tender affection?  Do you need that?  Will it be an adventurous journey together?  Do you need that?

And what type of relationship can your partner expect from you?  Is it the type of relationship your partner needs?

A relationship is all about helping each other be the best each can be, and learning each other’s strengths is the first step toward meaningful involvement in each other’s lives.

Relationships require an interest in each other’s strengths, needs, and goals

Turn your interests outward to your partner and in doing so, you will replenish your own spirit. Find opportunities for your partner to use their strengths because in the use of their strengths is a real sense of fulfillment. They will find you to be the encourager, the inspirer, and lifter of their souls.

Work together in helping each other to your full potential.

Does your commitment to each other include making an effort to KNOW each other well enough to understand what beats in the other’s heart, what causes each to hope and dream of possibilities, and what brings happiness and fulfillment?

If it does, you’re off to a good start.  But commitment is the key to transforming your promises into reality.

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