Try This No-Brainer Strategy for Relieving Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress - Shop the good stuff

Ever notice how people around you use the holidays as a doomed shopping trip down the horrible memory lane?  Perhaps you’re the one doing it right now. We’ve all done it, regardless of the time of year. But if you’ve developed the bad habit of reviewing negative memories full of past hurts and disappointments, your stress levels will go through the roof. Stop “shopping” there! Learn how to break this life-draining habit and relieve your holiday stress.


Holiday Stress? Stop Shopping in the Wrong Places.

In the last few weeks, I gave you 3 strategies for relieving stress.

  1. Give Thanks
  2. Live by Design
  3. Resist Conforming!

They’re really habits that everyone needs if they’re going to find some peace and happiness among the stressed-out masses. God created you to live abundantly. Without some understanding of how you’ve been designed to function, that search for an abundant, meaningful life can prove quite futile.

But the ultimate strategy for relieving stress is particularly important around the holidays. And it’s a no-brainer! Here it is: TO RELIEVE HOLIDAY STRESS, SHOP AROUND FOR ONLY THE GOOD STUFF!

I know, right?! So simple that I could have skipped saying it. But think about it. We spend so much time during the holidays in naturally stress-filled circumstances, don’t we?

  • We’re spending time with family we love.
  • We are with family that stress us out.
  • We’re pushing ourselves to meet a greater level of expectation from everyone
    around us.
  • We search without ceasing either online or in crowded store aisles to find just the right gifts.

Somewhere along the line, among these stressful circumstances, you begin a different kind of “shopping.” Memories flood in of emotionally charged events that range from warm, fuzzy remembrances full of fun to painful memories spilling over with unresolved hurt, disappointment, or anger.

So, what do you do when you find yourself shopping through memories and they’re not all happy ones?

 And what if you’ve memorialized the painful memories to the point that even new fun experiences and happy times with family and friends gets choked out by the negative past?


The Good Stuff Shopping Guide

If you follow these articles, or have learned about the power of focus, you already know that we’re each designed to find what we’re looking for. So, if you’re reviewing the past, it better be to shop around for only the positive memories and the associated helpful emotions we encounter that are buried within those memories.

Emotions, both helpful and hurtful ones, are addictive. We’ll return over and over to the familiar effects they have on us. But tell me what sense there is in returning to ones that hurt us? We can do nothing about our past.  That’s because the “past” in the past and we are creatures of the NOW.

Rather than falling victim to hurts and pain you’ve memorialized, you can literally re-shape your life if you choose a positive focus on finding only the good stuff.



  • Fill your cart with memories of people who shared experiences with you that brought you contentment, excitement, security, love and any other positive emotion.
  • Remember family or friends that saw who you really are and expressed love and acceptance of you. Many of them are still around. Express to them your appreciation for that.
  • Grab the feelings of joy from every corner of your past and present life and turn it into hope for your future.

You get to choose your focus. What will it be?  HOPE, or HURT?


Be Generous and Grab this Gift

Do negative memories or flat out tragedy from your past shut down your ability to recall blessings, good memories or hopeful things?  Be generous to yourself and others with this gift!

Mastering intelligent emotions is the best year-round strategy for relieving stress and living your very best life. Just follow these 4 easy steps:

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