Self-Understanding Step 1: How Are We Designed?


Self-understanding requires a few basic steps.  The first and most crucial is to consider our design

Are people different from each other?  Of course.    Your partner or child is different from you.  Ever noticed that?  Self-understanding begins when you realize that each of us is different from others.  Have you ever wondered why your children are different from you?  Well, here is why:  We are each designed as unique individuals and the design begins to reveal itself very early in life.  If you are a parent, you experience that revelation all too well, at times.  If we misread the design or do not read at all, it can cause real failure in any relationship.  Furthermore, when you know how those close to you are designed and you have learned to appreciate their differences, you can have the relationships of your dreams.  Read on.

As in architecture, people have similarities like buildings have similarities.  However, architectural design creates uniqueness for a purpose just as our human design creates uniqueness.  Unlike architectural design, however, which can be duplicated many times over, human design is never duplicated in the same exact way.  Hence the need for self-understanding.  When the ‘design’ is misread or misunderstood, the results can be tragic.  But when there is self-understanding, the results breed happiness and success.

Do you know your own design?

Would it make a difference to how you view yourself if you knew how you were designed and why you think, feel and act the way you do?  Don’t tell anyone, but this knowledge (and the understanding of it) is the secret to personal success.  We malfunction when we try to be someone we are not.  Knowing ourselves is key to being able to function at our best and that makes sense, doesn’t it?

Relationships are impacted by different designs

What would it mean if we knew how our partner, co-worker or child was designed?

Did you know that the causal failure behind nearly all upsets in relationships is a lack of understanding each other?

So, here’s the answer to the question of how we are designed.  

In an age of great intellectual brilliance, some two-and-one-half millenniums ago we had the first suggestion of how we are designed. Hippocrates, thinking of the similarities that people share, said he saw four different types of people.  And to the present day, philosophers, physicians, novelists and others have agreed with his observations.  All our research into temperament confirms how we have instinctively understood the differences in humans.  It’s a compelling story but one that is often overlooked.  Our temperament (the core drives and urges that shape our lives) reveals our basic design.

Brace for some amazing relationships from parent, to spouse, to leader, to coworker and friend

  • Understand your child!  Wouldn’t that be great?
  • Understand your partner and learn to love what you see.  Turn irritations into appreciations.
  • Understand your employees, workmates, even your boss!  Yes, you can gain that advantage!
  • Understand how each design is good and can make us into exceptional people if we follow and develop the core strengths of our design.
  • Learn to trace the problems you encounter with yourself and others to the misunderstandings that we have over how we are really made.

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