Sense of Urgency – What Does Decoding Inner Design Reveal about Your Need for Speed?

Your sense of urgency

Do you consider your “sense of urgency” to be quite high? Or do you find that phrase a bit annoying at times? What does decoding inner design reveal about your need for speed? WARNING: Understanding this part of your inner design may result in some side-effects — such as healthier relationships, more intense feelings of fulfillment, a stronger sense of purpose, and higher job satisfaction.


Time Stands Still for No One

It’s official. We cannot keep time from moving forward. And, we can’t roll it back for a total “do-over.” As a working mom in a fast-forward life, there are many days that I wish this was NOT true. But we can certainly be related to time in either a healthy, productive way OR a completely stressful and non-productive way. We can even create the sense of speeding it up or slowing it down. If you want to use time wisely and you like the idea of getting more done in the time you have, then stick with me for a few minutes.

In the last few weeks, we’ve been decoding your inner design and learning what it reveals.  All sorts of inner drives that affect your everyday life originate from your inner design (or your InnerKinetics®). Even your sense of urgency and your awareness of time is driven by this highly sophisticated, innate hard wiring.

And even though we each use it differently, there is one thing we must all do about time: we must be related to it and use it according to our inner design. Otherwise, it’s stress and anxiety that makes our decisions about how time is spent. What would you prefer?

  • Perpetual case of “hair on fire”?
  • Healthy sense of timing?

Understanding what your inner code reveals about your need for speed is key to living with that productive and satisfying sense that we are using our time wisely. It also empowers you to let others do it their way without judgment or frustration.


Do you lean “J” or “P”?

It’s time to know if you are a “J” or a “P.” The differences are significant and neither is better than the other. But your sense of urgency and how you use time is determined by this lifestyle preference. In fact, it affects all the other functions in your inner design. Regardless of whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, whether your magic number is 5 or 6, or at what degree your custom Logic/Emotion Mix is set,  it’s your lifestyle preference that really drives how you express all those other factors.

How can you tell whether you’re a J or a P?

Complete this FREE InnerKinetics assessment and you’ll know inside 10 minutes:

Just for fun, here’s a small quiz (Jeff Foxworthy style):

  • If you’re the one everyone else asks for the time . . . You just might be a “J.”
  • Are you perpetually aware that time is winding down or running out? . . . You just might be a “J.”
  • If you’d rather not wait until whatever is going to happen, happens . . . you guessed it . . . you just might be a “J.”

J’s live with a higher sense of urgency and a stronger need for closure than their “P” friends and family. As you might suspect, it’s this part of your inner code that is largely responsible for whether you feel as though you are surrounded by kindred spirits or foreigners.

And what about us P’s,” you ask? I didn’t forget.

  • When you’re running low on time and you’re told there’s no more time to do the thing you’re doing…and you decide to slow things down and do it anyway…
    you just might be a “P.”


Where’s your sense of urgency on the speedometer?

Understanding why some people prefer to slow down and experience the moment while others strongly prefer to make the call and move on strengthens your relationships. When you stop trying to manage your time the way “efficiency experts” advise without accounting for the healthy expression of your inner design, your sense of satisfaction can soar.

Learn more info about this fascinating part of your inner code:


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