3 Steps for Setting Doable Goals in 2020

Do-Able Goals for 2020

If you’ve set your sights on some positive changes for 2020, it’s time to check in and ask yourself a couple of questions. Is your willpower fading? Are the “proven” habits or the best practices of others starting to conflict with your natural ways of thinking, feeling and acting? We previously set the stage for defining goals based more on WHO you want to become, rather than on things you want to start doing. If you find that your progress toward goals and resolutions for this year is already fading, don’t worry. Take these actions for setting doable goals and adjust your sights on the successful 2020 version of you.


Step 1: Understand yourself fully.

How have you been made to function?

If you missed our previous post, start with this quick read. Then, let’s talk about the difference between goals that move you forward (DOABLE WHO GOALS) and ones that can set you back.

The first step to setting doable goals is to understand as much as you can about your inner design (or InnerKinetics). Since your inner design is the source of your drives, preferences and motivations, goals that contradict your design simply aren’t worth setting. They aren’t sustainable. However, if you understand yourself well and heed the ways in which you’ve been designed to function, ANY goals you’ve set this year can be achieved.

Learn all that you can about the powerful forces behind your design-driven preferences.



Step 2: Adjust and align your goals.

Does this goal fit me?

 The next step to setting doable goals is to ensure they’re aligned with your inner design.


 If you gain energy and satisfaction around setting routines and schedules, then setting a specific time to work out every day makes sense. That set time that never varies follows your natural preferences for structure, organization and sense of control that you build your daily life around.

If, however, you thrive on keeping your options open and prefer some spontaneity in your day, your approach to fitness needs to account for this. Rather than a set time each day, perhaps you have 2 or 3 possible windows of time in which you can accomplish your daily fitness objectives. Without this important adjustment that aligns your fitness goal with your lifestyle preferences, the goal isn’t sustainable. Therefore, it’s not “doable.”

Consider the implications of the example I just gave. If the goal for 2020 was to exercise at least 5 out of 7 days, lose weight and gain strength, consistency is key. In the first situation, the person who prefers routine and a guaranteed use of time would likely hate to play their exercise time by ear. They’d never opt for the chance that it wouldn’t happen. But the person who literally needs more than one option can maximize their enjoyment of exercise by doing this. It simply feels more comfortable to approach it in this manner.

  • Which of the options above would be most preferred by you?
  • Which would motivate you to be consistent?


Step 3: Define goals as WHO goals.

Who do you want to be?

When The 2020 You has set your focus on becoming the person you’re designed to become, success is achievable. Your motivations, your natural preferences and your focus all work together. What’s more, success can then be measured along the way. It doesn’t have to be at this future place that you eventually arrive. It becomes a long, continuous path with many milestones that build momentum and mark your progress.


Are you an optimistic person who wants to make an impact on the world through clear and decisive actions? Or are you a cautious person whose mark will be made through a steady adherence to a set plan?  Both will meet success goals. Both will make their mark on the world. But WHO they are trying to be along the way are two very different types of people.


Setting Doable Goals for The 2020 You

  • New habits,
  • Fresh momentum,
  • More of the Real You

If that’s what you want, that’s what you can have. Learn everything you can about the Real You and your InnerKinetics.


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