Your inner strengths in action

Can you see a gap between your greatest potential and your present reality? Close that gap by leveraging your innate life-accelerating drives. Are you experiencing a sense of fulfillment from the ways you spend your time? Activate the inner strengths you uniquely express. Regardless of the roles you’re performing in life, put your inner strengths in action. Doing so will change not only your life but the lives of everyone who matters most to you.


Please leave your fingerprints.

I had the pleasure of hearing Bob Goff, author of Love Does, speak at a fundraiser recently. What a wonderful example he sets of what happens in your ordinary life when you put your innate, God-given strengths into action. The impact reaches thousands upon thousands. And yet, he isn’t doing anything that you can’t do, too! He’s put some very specific inner strengths into ordinary actions. Further, he suggests you find ways to be “secretly incredible” – to leave your mark on the world, without a cape. Furthermore, Goff clearly models his messages through everyday actions and authentic friendships. You can do that, too!

You’ve been designed from the inside out with signature strengths. Correctly use these strengths with faith in their value and you’ll witness impactful results. What’s more, you can use them with intense focus and the fingerprints you leave behind serve as proof that others can do it, too.


Your greatest potential happens with your strengths in action.

In summary,

  • If you are driven to be excellent in all you do . . .
  • Or if you suspect there’s more freedom and joy to be found . . .
  • If you know there’s more meaning and significance to uncover in your life . . .
  • Or you’re curious to discover new facets to your creativity and effectiveness . . .

then you are in the right place! It’s time to take action. Translate your specific inner strengths into actions and generate the types of success that mean the most to you.


Do you know exactly what inner strengths belong to you by design?


Will you activate your strengths and reach the greatest potential of the Real You?

Learn the simple formula to developing and releasing the power of your strengths: INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness


Did you know inner strengths in action create your positive emotions and can-do attitude?

Learn more with this resource: Intelligently Emotional


Next week come back for stories about everyday people who activate their inner strengths and get heroic results. (NO CAPE required!)

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