The Staying Power of a Strong Will

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Do you make your way through life with a fierce determination to meet your goals? Are you often identified as having an intense focus or an unbending will to accomplish important tasks? These are great ways to describe a “strong-will” during a performance review at work…when it’s working for you. In fact, if not too strong, a strong will is a valuable asset for most of us in situations where fortitude is required. But if it’s one of your inner strengths, it’s got staying power. If a strong will and determination are an essential part of how you operate, The Real You needs to know. Is a strong will one of your inner strengths?

Inner Strengths ARE the Real You

We talk a lot about the “Real You.” It’s an important person to know and better understand. The Real You operates with a special package of inner strengths that are uniquely expressed by you and you alone. The Real You is designed to use these inner “powers” to propel your life in a specific direction. And that direction sets a course for stability, purpose, and fulfillment. Who doesn’t want those things?

But rather than a set of generic skills we learned while pursuing success at work, inner strengths are an integral part of your “spiritual DNA.”

Rather than adopting great habits of highly successful people, inner strengths represent powerful resources you can develop to become who you were meant to be.

Furthermore, not to be confused with my inner strengths, Your Inner strengths ARE the Real You.

Fortitude with Personal Flare

Each of us can adopt a strong-willed or determined approach to rise above obstacles and accomplish important goals. That’s fortitude. It’s an admirable and worthy pursuit for people seeking success.

But if a strong will is an innate strength of your inner design, its staying power takes on an entirely different dimension. It’s now fortitude done with personal flare! In this case, it’s essential to your determined, intensely curious and ingeniously creative lifestyle where the goals are success in your search for answers and knowledge. A Strong Will is a “GRAB & GO” inner strength of NTs.”

Does your strong will command respect?

When used properly, a strong will has the NT turning neither to the left or the right in pursuit of their goals. Nothing must be allowed to divert them. It’s not being stubborn for stubborn’s sake. Even though an outsider may interpret it as stubbornness, a strong will stays focused until success is achieved. It’s impressive when used for good!

Does our strong will demand its own way?

When misused, a strong will can become so determined that you lose the ability to see what’s outside your self-imposed blinders. The result is you are in the territory of inflexibility and “too much of a good thing.”

Develop this inner strength with focus and determination so that its true power results in the discovery of new and better ways to do anything and everything.

Find Out If a Strong Will Is One of Your “Grab & Go” Inner Strengths

Are you a strong-willed and determined “NT”? Once you learn about the Real You, then you can get on with being the Real You.


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