Stuck in a rut? Here’s step one to getting unstuck.

Are You Stuck in a Rut?

This summer, I did a ton of driving. I’m not talking about the normal daily mileage laid down getting my kids to their litany of sporting events, lessons, and social engagements. I mean the kind of driving that puts you in a vehicle with your whole family, on old but busy highways, for hundreds of miles. These are the roads where traffic is so steady, they’ve become deeply grooved. On the road, getting stuck in a literal rut can be really stressful and sometimes dangerous. Your tires are sucked into a groove that forces you to travel along only the path most traveled. It can be difficult to get out if you need to – even a bit scary. This same thing can happen in your daily life, too. Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you doing anything to get unstuck? If you need help, consider step one.


Step One: Know what needs to change.

In the last two posts, we’ve been addressing the role faith (or belief) has in your life. Your belief system clearly plays a big part in your successes and failures. If you believe for positive, successful outcomes, you’re far more likely to get those outcomes. And further, the intensity of your beliefs determines the degree of your success. So it makes sense that a positive belief, coupled with an intense focus that acts on that belief, is the key to successful change. But let’s keep going. There’s more to the picture.

Many influencers in the field of mentoring, coaching, and professional development have created practical and useful steps for making important changes in your life. But there’s an important fact about change that often gets missed: knowing, specifically, what needs to change.



Just knowing HOW change is accomplished is not enough. Perhaps the most important step to getting unstuck is recognizing WHAT needs to change. Put another way, are you stuck in a negative belief pattern that will never take you where you want to go? Or do you find yourself running a parallel track to the one you should be on? Not all grooves in a well-traveled road are bad. Maybe you just need to jump into a different groove that aligns better with how you think, feel and act.


Getting stuck in a rut is fixable.

Positive change takes time, energy, and focus. With limited time and energy, the last thing you need is to waste it, right? If you’re in an actual rut of negative beliefs, that’s a problem. Getting unstuck and making positive changes makes sense.

But if you’ve been asking yourself to jump into someone else’s “groove” — a path designed for a completely different set of drives, preferences and inner strengths — that presents a problem for you as well. It can also leave you feeling as though you are in an unfulfilling “rut.” Maybe you’re not feeling stuck yet. But that outcome is inevitable because you’re trying to think, feel, and act in a way that doesn’t feel right.



If what you’re trying to change is related to a strength of your inner design, it’s important to know what the right use of that strength looks like. Strengths, such as being emotional and sensitive or being spontaneous and impulsive, can often turn into liabilities when you use them the wrong way. Your negative rut could be the result of misuse of those strengths. However, if you tried to just stop those strengths all together, that would also create a negative rut. This is so because you’re designed to follow your strengths along a path that leads to your success.



Getting unstuck from any rut created by negative belief patterns starts with the need for understanding. To know and understand specifically what needs to change in your life, you’ll need the help of insights from your inner design.

Discover that design with this free inner strengths-finding assessment:

Then return next week as we tackle Step Two in Getting Unstuck.

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