Highlighted smiley emoticon with 3 companions - unintelligent and intelligent emotions

Emotion, Intelligence, or Intelligent Emotions – Which is best?

As promised in our last post, we are about to begin a book study of Intelligently Emotional.  I  hope you’ll join us to discover how intelligent our emotions really are! Oh, yes!  I can already hear the jeers and can see you replying with tongue in cheek comments.  Then, I

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Overcoming Decision Fatigue

Decoding Inner Design: Overcome Decision Fatigue with This 3-Step Hack

Efficiency experts have estimated that the average person makes around 35,000 decisions a day! I’ll bet you can name someone in your life (maybe you?) whose actual number makes 35K look like child’s play. These choices range from what to eat to whether to sign your kids up for that soccer

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Being Emotional

The Intelligent Power Behind Being Emotional

Did you know that being emotional actually makes you stronger?  Most people will tell you the opposite – that it weakens you in some way. Perhaps that’s due to misunderstanding the true power of being emotional. What’s more, there’s a big difference between displaying emotion and possessing emotion as an

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