True tolerance includes a diversity of views, interaction and working together for a common purpose in spite of the differences.

Is Tolerance All It Is Thought To Be?  Is There Something Better?

(This article is in two parts and each will support the other). We are being told the world needs to be tolerant of all beliefs and all opinions.  Postmodernism’s claim that their beliefs produce a higher level of tolerance is patently false.   Tolerance of All Leads to World Peace

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Our Culture: LGBTQ person

Our Culture and How To Confront It as Individuals and Parents

All of us — especially parents — are concerned about our culture because we face the imposition of the unreal values of this cultural revolution.  Realistically, it is impossible to cover all of the changes postmodernism has infused into our society.  It has changed political thinking, educational curriculums, daily life,

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