I'm a Keeper - Living by Design

Podcast Episode #4: “I’m a Keeper – Living by Design”

Is yours a peaceful home?  Or are there far too many personal relationship clashes between your children or between you and your child?  Why do these clashes occur?  Is there anything we can do to reduce the frequency and intensity of the relationship-busting encounters?  Is there any hope for real

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Intimate relationship, man and woman holding hands

Is Your Most Prized Possession Your Intimate Relationship?

If your intimate relationship is feeling anything but intimate and wonderful right now, you may be questioning your alternatives.  Stop right there!  Take a closer look!  Even if your relationship is in a great place, you might want to listen up, too.  That rocky relationship can turn around.  And that

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Your sense of urgency

Sense of Urgency – What Does Decoding Inner Design Reveal about Your Need for Speed?

Do you consider your “sense of urgency” to be quite high? Or do you find that phrase a bit annoying at times? What does decoding inner design reveal about your need for speed? WARNING: Understanding this part of your inner design may result in some side-effects — such as healthier relationships, more

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Masterpiece Marriage

Creating a Masterpiece Marriage

Is yours a masterpiece marriage — one that your children and others should imitate? Although there are many definitions and originations for what warrants the title “masterpiece,” there’s something all masterful works seem to have in common: they are often imitated. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but how

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Upgrade Your Marriage from Fairy Tale Fake to REAL Deal

It seems fairy tales rarely have anything to do with real-life relationships. Even though these stories typically include tragic beginnings, major misfortune, and shady characters, our expectations of these tales are that everything comes right in the end. Just as long as the heroes (obviously built to overcome adversity) “show up,”

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What's the story with your marriage?

What’s the story with your marriage?

When it comes to your marriage…what kind of story are you hoping to tell?  We all have a narrative unfolding in our most significant relationships.  Are your storylines aimed at Greek tragedy, fairytale endings, or masterpiece classics?  If your goal is a healthy relationship, let the story with your marriage be an ongoing

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Intimate relationship

Can Your Intimate Relationship Pass this Test?

Intimate relationships are not just about love.  But without love, why would we even get involved?  However, love needs constant nourishment to build its muscles. One of the ‘nutrients’ it needs is the ‘protein’ we’ll discuss here today. Intimate relationships require this nutrient Webster’s defines this ‘nutrient’ as “the obligation or pledge to

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