Tested Scientifically

Tested Scientificallly by the scientific method

The Scientific Method is regarded as the ultimate test of integrity and truth these days.  We are all expected to agree because we have come to believe scientists are the purveyors of truth about our world and ourselves. Of course, there are many different sciences involved in the test of temperament.  And surprise, not all of them follow the same “Scientific Method.” For some, this may cause tremors in the mind.

Principles for the Scientific Method

Consider this.  Rene Descartes gave us four principles for the Scientific Method:

  • Maintain open-mindedness
  • Proceed systematically
  • Be analytical
  • Be exhaustive

How many scientific methods are there?

Search the internet, if you will, for the scientific method and you will be offered not four, but almost any number of steps and principles. Even the steps do not always agree. Scientist Michael Guillen, in his excellent book Believing Is Seeing, reminds us there are as many scientific methods as there are scientists.

Let’s test temperament theory with the Scientific Method above

Even so, let’s put Temperament Theory to the test with the core principles of the Scientific Method above.

First, is a required belief. We must believe that our efforts at arriving at the truth about temperament will bear fruit. All Scientific projects begin with faith, and so should ours. Copious subjective evidence for the truth of the Four Temperament Theory should indicate the worthwhileness of this effort and initiate at least a tentative belief. We then must devise and perform an experiment.

Given that the evidence will predominantly be subjective, here are a few requirements for an unbiased test.

  • Question a large number of people
  • All of those you question should begin with openness to the possibility that, in this process, they may be discovering the inner urges of their own temperament
  • Choose from people in all walks of life, levels of influence or education, different cultures and countries, and without respect to age or any other demographic factor to eliminate the possibility of predetermined bias.

The results can then be fairly discussed. In fact, over the past 2000 years, this has been done in every generation. And the results are compelling.

The InnerKinetics® Temperament Key uses the parameters of the Scientific Method

A tool, the Temperament Key, has been created for all of us so that we can personally conduct our own test. It must be completed with Descartes’ four principles as its parameters.

As you may know, the Temperament Key inquires, using 54 questions, about how humans function. (See “Temperament – Fact or Fiction”). The questions must be personally answered without prompting from anyone else. It is a simple search for honest answers.

The Temperament Key may reveal more about you than you are currently aware

People have a self-conscious recognition of themselves and how they think, feel, and act, revealing the urges of their inner lives. The Temperament Key, however, will often result in what people already have thought of themselves, but it will also uncover what they may not as yet have realized lies deep inside themselves.  Make sure to try it for yourself if you’re skeptical, and see if you might discover more about your inner self. Just be honest in your answers. Then go on and read more. You can find copious details about your self-selected temperament in INNERKINETICS by Ray W. Lincoln available from our website, Amazon, or any quality bookstore upon request).

The next article will focus on what it will mean for you in every aspect of your life.



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