The 2020 YOU Sets WHO Goals vs. DO Goals

the 2020 you

With a NEW YEAR and a NEW DECADE come new goals! Are you ready? It’s an exciting new span of time in which to navigate our priorities and measure our progress. Just before this new year, I listened to a great message about goal setting. It was about the kind of goals we statistically fail at versus those at which we succeed in meeting. Essentially, the goals we set based on who we want to become are far more likely to work!  Whereas those goals (and New Year’s resolutions) based on things we want to start doing are typically abandoned by March of a new year. Why would that be? “The 2020 You” needs not only new goals, but a new kind of goal: goals centered around WHO you want to become, rather than on things you want to start DOING.


What determines your success and resolve?

It’s good to fuel change with the hope that accompanies each new year. Why wouldn’t you want to hit the re-set button on weekly habits you’re trying to adopt? But what really determines your success?

Is it willpower? If it’s based on willpower, many of us would have it in the bag! But willpower fluctuates with our energy levels and our emotions.

Is it widely-accepted best practices? If your success is based on adopting “best practices” from other change experts, you may succeed. You may not. Results will vary if the actions you’re taking aren’t a natural expression of the inner forces that drive you each day.

Perhaps the largest success factor in goal setting is based on the nature of the goal. The way my pastor puts it, there are “DO GOALS” and there are “WHO GOALS.”


Why We Fail Early and Often at DO Goals

 If your resolutions are “DO GOALS,” they’re basically targeted actions or behaviors focused on doing more or less of something. But we fail early and often with these type of goals. Among other reasons, we fail because we get discouraged about how long progress is taking. Or, rather than incremental changes, we’ll take actions that are simply too big or unrealistic. Loss of motivation is the result.

There’s a better way. First, ask yourself WHO you want to be in 2020?


“The 2020 You” Needs WHO Goals

At the risk of sounding like a Dr. Seuss book, the “2020 You” needs do-able “WHO GOALS:” goals that set direction but are born from your identity and your God-given inner design.

For example, if you want to be someone who regains your fitness levels and improves your overall health…

You must ask, “What would a healthy person do each day?” What do they eat? How often do they exercise? How do they prioritize their other commitments and find balance?

Or perhaps you want to be a more positive and relatable person.

What does a kind, optimistic, inspiring person do in their daily interactions with those around them? And why does that work? How can I exercise my own innate strengths to naturally bring these qualities into my relationships?

In other words, ask “Who am I now?” and “Who do I want to be?” rather than, “What do I want to do more or less of?” 

These questions lead to goals that fit. They lead to actions that are natural for you to take. We may share many similarities with others, but the differences are even greater. Clearly, no cookie cutter approach can lead us into our very best.

So, what habits, goals and resolve will The 2020 You set? Who do you want to become this year? I hope it’s more of who you’re intentionally designed to be. That is a person built for success and a sense of fulfillment from their life.

Join us next week as we go deeper into setting DO-ABLE WHO GOALS. And if you haven’t had a chance to discover your amazing inner design, now’s the time:

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