The Best Gift You Can Give in 2020

The best gift you can give

Would you like to dramatically reduce your stress during this even-more-stressful-than-normal holiday season of gift-giving?  Start by asking the question that strips away a lot of wasted time and energy: “Does the best gift I could give each person on my list cost money, time, or effort?”


Will the Best Gift I Give Cost Money, Time, or Effort?

In the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about better questions you can ask yourself that lead to better solutions. Asking better questions is a critical action for every person seeking a more positive approach to personal development. Better questions also lead to healthier relationships at home or in the workplace. But right now, it’s also an action that can dramatically reduce your stress during this even-more-stressful-than-normal holiday season of gift-giving.

Here are some examples of better questions as you consider holiday gifting:

  • What can I give each of my family so they truly feel loved and understood by me?
  • Will it be my money, effort, or time that makes my gifts as good as they can be?
  • What’s one thing I could START doing for this person that will make the biggest positive difference in our relationship?
  • Is there anything I should STOP doing with this person that will make the biggest difference in our relationship?

 It’s easy to see that often, the answer to any of these questions might involve any combo of money, effort, or time; or all three. But before you start checking off your list, consider your answers. Before you plan out your exhaustive search to locate the “perfect” item, could it be that the best gift can’t actually be wrapped in a box?


Pick the Best Wrapping

Considering the best gift to give those on your shopping list requires some careful thought. But it’s no more effort than you put into your usual search. In some cases, it may even save your personal resources from being spent on things that don’t matter as much to the person to whom you are giving.

  • Is the best gift you can give the best money can buy?
  • OR, is that gift a result of using one of your strongest strengths within the relationship you share with that person?

Perhaps it’s both. Stay tuned next week. There’s so much more to your search for the very best gift you can give your spouse, your kids, your co-workers, or even yourself. We’ll give you some solid ideas and resources to help you.

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