The Mind’s Power Source

The Mind's Power Source

Could emotions be the power source of the mind? Is that why they drive us and our actions so easily? They get the first shot at all incoming messages.  And we have to battle a rising tide of emotional pressure as they try to have an impact on us with their message, which they believe is right. In the NF, this rising tide amounts to an inner tsunami at times. Why is it that emotions are so forceful?

Force Against Force

Our emotional reactions to what is happening in our world must counter force with force. To escape imminent danger (the situational force) we must react with a force that is sufficient to impel us out of danger’s reach: the force of a powerful emotion — fear. Emotion holds the key to the control center of all of our amazing chemicals that power our bodies, such as adrenaline and dopamine. Emotion can also energize our thoughts with what feels like the speed and brilliance of a lightning bolt.

This Power Source Shapes Our World

The more emotional energy we have, the greater our influence over our world. It can be a quiet determination.  Or it could be a loud outburst. Being the most complex of all organisms, doesn’t it make sense that we should be given the greatest power to shape our world? And we have!  That power source is our emotions.

Power In Relationships

Our interactions with people (consider world events that hinge on opposing ideologies and morally opposite goals) are all energized by emotion. Think of the lover who, when it seems foolish to pursue his dreams anymore, wins his loved one’s heart in the end by the sheer determination and skill of his emotions.

Power Over Our Environment

Emotions power our brain, our relationships, and our lives.  But they have power over our environment as well. The explorer battles on against impossible odds, in pain but driven by hope. In the end, in spite of circumstances that have destroyed those with lesser emotional persistence, the force of his determined emotions takes him where no one has been before. His environment has succumbed to the relentless drive of his emotions. It makes sense that we should have a power that matches the dignity and potential of our natures. Observation of our capacity for greatness suggests we are made in a higher image. For good or ill, our world and our achievements are inevitably shaped by our emotions.

Struggles with Our Power Source Produce Strength

Fighting these escalating tides of emotion within us can help us learn emotional toughness. In the gym, the less weight we lift, the less muscle we develop. So it is in our inner lives.  The less we struggle, the less we develop emotional power. Our design, which says we must struggle against our emotions as well as ride triumphantly with them, calls us to our greatest achievements.  And it keeps our potential ever in front of us, urging us on to more.

This argument suggests that for those who have struggled less with emotion’s powers or have already captured them, there is sense in not criticizing those who seem to bend under the weight of their emotions while deep in the heat of the struggle.  Likewise,  they should not criticize those who are still fighting for control. Or those who will never give up the struggle to attain yet more power from their emotions. It is in the struggle that the building of great resources and superior strength is taking place.

This Power Source Shapes Us

Also, when thinking of the power of emotions, we must understand that the struggle against them also teaches us self-control and personal discipline. Know where power comes from and the benefits of personal control.


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