The Perfect Gift for Your Spouse

The perfect gift for your spouse

Looking for the perfect gift for your spouse this year? Consider a gift that goes far beyond something you wrap and place under the tree. Many of us struggle to find good gifts for our most important people. Perhaps you have a spouse that is less than helpful with their own gift ideas. Or maybe they just don’t want you to spend very much. Either way, it presents a common problem for us thoughtful shoppers. What can you gift them that they really need or want? It turns out, one of the best gifts for your spouse doesn’t cost you money.  But it’s definitely not cheap either!


It’s for Your Spouse, So It’s Can’t Be Cheap

We’ve been talking about the best gifts you can give this year and how to make them even better. Last week, we focused on how to sprinkle customized goodness on every gift for your kids. This week let’s talk about what you can give that hard-to-buy-for spouse of yours. The gift I’m speaking of cannot be bought with cash. What’s more, it’s pretty expensive. And just as it’s true with most costly things, it’s also true of this gift – that you get what you “pay” for.

What’s the perfect gift? : An “Official Pardon from Being Perfect.”


A Pardon from Being Perfect

Repeated offenses and serial unforgiveness can take deep root in your relationship. This creates a loss of trust and respect. With so much potential for real, lasting damage in your marriage, there may be no more effective defense than the pursuit of real, lasting fulfillment.

A fulfilling marriage is what we’re all after, right?

What’s the point of saying yes to something that takes so much effort, time, and sacrifice if it’s not going to be fulfilling?



Of course, we all know that no one is perfect. But somehow, we still let that silly expectation creep into our marriage relationship. Each time our partner falls short or does something we wouldn’t do, we have a choice. We can either embark on a quest to make them more like us or release them to be who they are and do it their way. Regardless of what we choose, there’s a cost. But certainly, one choice is doomed to fail.  And one leads to a far more fulfilling relationship.

So, don’t bother trying to change your spouse into someone you can more easily relate to. Instead, pardon them from attaining perfection and watch what happens. You can replace your futile efforts to change them with a much more effective marriage ingredient: Real Understanding.


Make It Official

Understanding who your partner really is and how they’ve been designed to function and thrive leads to a stronger more fulfilling relationship. Helping them to become more of the “Real Them” can result in a lasting bond and healthy change. After all, what goes around, comes around. And I’m sure you’d like them to do the same for you, right?

For those of you who are looking for the perfect gift for your spouse, here’s a quick summary:


Have some fun with it. Print it out on a certificate and frame it. Read it out loud like a legal decree from a scroll. Turn it into a coffee mug. Make a funny Meme. Make it something visible to remind both you and your spouse that you love them enough to understand them as much as you can. And that you love them enough to stop trying to make them act “perfect” in every situation.



Both of you can take this free assessment to identify your individual InnerKinetics:

Then check out one of the resources at to learn more about your inner designs. You’ll discover so much about yourself and the person you’re with. And it leads to a much healthier, more forgiving, and understanding relationship!



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