The Philosophy of Truth Versus the Nature of Science

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The articles in this series will help you educate yourself about the big debate that is staging a comeback in Science and Religion.  Parents are likely to be aware of how atheistic and anti-religious thinking has taken over the minds of educational institutions and most philosophic and scientifically oriented minds.  We and our children need straight thinking about the issues currently under debate that will shape all our lives.  These articles may open your mind and that of your children to legitimate ways of thinking about our world. And it may help them begin to form a more meaningful “worldview.”  Today, we’ll consider the role of a philosophy of truth.

Science has done wonders for our world — for which we can be most thankful.  These improvements affect many areas of our lives (such as the astounding advances in medical science).  However, it is not science that has set the stage for the introduction of our modern culture.  The repudiation of believing anything that savors of religious or traditional beliefs is responsible.  It is a new way of thinking about ourselves and our world that the underlying beliefs of science, in reality, nurture (if not always intentionally).

The Philosophy of Science versus the Philosophy of Truth

Philosophy and the philosophy of science are responsible for changing the thinking and beliefs of our educational institutions and of the next generation.  Many intellectuals and theologians (  whom have shifted the focal point of faith) hold a revered status and are now being seen as the purveyors of truth.  They have made changes in theological beliefs in the name of being “relevant” to the changing thinking of secular academic educators.

The Authority of Science versus the Philosophy of Truth

Consequently, these changes have altered the views of where we turn for our ultimate authority in all matters of life.  In fact, current interpretations of scientific discoveries are where people are expected to turn for what to believe about themselves and their world.  Where we turn for truth has dramatically changed from what people believed at the beginning of Western civilization and the worldwide march of Christianity.  As a result, the current conviction is that the former beliefs are merely a crutch for those with weak psyches.

Are We Discovering Truth or Accepting Assumptions?

Are these changes in beliefs the discovery of truth?  Or are they the acceptance of mere assumptions that are not reasonably based on evidence?  We will find out.  Although science has made great strides in understanding how our world functions, a clear understanding of science’s limitations is needed to keep our thinking straight.

Science proceeds by discovering one mistake of its own after another.

Examples you can use of this pattern of mistakes are:

  • “The earth is flat.” But we’ve discovered that it is round.
  • “The sun and planets revolve around the earth.”  We’ve learned the truth: that the earth and planets revolve around the sun.
  • And we’ve learned that the universe is expanding. This was not thought of earlier.    
  • “The sun is solid.” But now we know that it is nothing but gas.   
  • The sun’s heat is the result of nuclear fusion. But this is a relatively recent discovery.
  • Changes in medications are common.  This is due to further knowledge of the biochemistry of the human systems and the result of further research.   

Find illustrations of your own.

There are many partial truths that are promoted as real “facts.”  But the fact is, science simply needs more knowledge.  Therefore, a philosophy of truth is reliant on more than current science because the nature of science is to change.  Facts and truth do not change.  Science simply progressively discovers the.


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