The Ultra Powerful Mind

We all know that when we mentally give up, our strength leaves us. The brain is the physical organ that sends messages to the muscles to perform. If the weightlifter feels he can’t do one more repetition but the coach yells in his ear, demanding he do one more, he seems to have the ability to do what he otherwise felt he did not have the strength to do. His mind forced another message to be sent and, with it, the belief that he must try — more than that, he must do it. Only when we give up do we ultimately fail.  But each of us can accomplish extraordinary things with the aid of our ultra powerful mind.

A Mount Everest Climb Requires an Ultra Powerful Mind

The book Into Thin Air, by Krauchaur, was an amazing read for me. It tells the story in detail of how on the day of the worst disaster on Mount Everest, the climbers struggled against a sudden squall in bitter cold and thin air to complete their climb of the mountain. Four teams of climbers were on the final face.  Trouble was inevitable, as too many climbers created delays at Hillary’s Step, a place where only one climber can ascend or descend at a time. Those returning were delayed when time was critical. It was on the way down from the summit that most of the fatalities occurred.

Emotional Urges – The Fuel for an Ultra Powerful Mind

Krauchaur tells how one of the leaders (an accomplished climber from Christchurch, New Zealand, who was leading clients to the top, along with another leader of another party) had made a grave error of judgment. They failed  to keep their own safety rules. They pursued their climb past the time they had determined it would be wise.  The squall overtook them as they returned. Most made it down.  But some, like this leader, were overcome by exhaustion and cold. His last moments before he froze to death were a battle with his emotions. Friends urged him to remember his wife and child and to keep moving for them. They used all possible emotional encouragements to encourage him to keep going down, but without effect. He lost the most important power that we have: our emotional urges.  He simply laid down to die. His strength left with his last emotional urge.

An Ultra Powerful Mind Equips for Success

So it is that our emotions are the most powerful element in our mental makeup. Without them we fail; with them we do the impossible. Our will has power; so do our beliefs.  But without the force of emotion, none can stand and we fall powerless. Building strong emotions that will lead to success is the single most important task for those who are called achievers or winners, or for those who live at the upper limit of their creative potential.



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