Dr. Lincoln and his team of InnerKinetics Associates have mentored professionals and lay people from all walks of life -- all seeking to understand the unique inner design that drives them to think, feel and act they way they do.

While the courses described below are prerequisites for advanced training and licensing, they also provide immensely helpful knowledge for individual personal development, family relationships, teaching and mentoring, work and social relationships, and especially helpful to the counselor/therapist/health professional who wants to help their patient/client to reach the goals they are striving for. The professional who implements InnerKinetics will receive applause from their clients (who will send them referrals) because they truly understand each person they are working with.



This course will consist of 16 hours of training with Ray W. Lincoln, plus reading and training assignments that you will complete on your own.  You will be required to use the InnerKinetics® Temperament Keys and to explain temperament and its values successfully.  In your own personal endeavors, whether as a coach/counselor or volunteer mentor, the understanding provided will advance your ability to help and guide people in a way few can. An ability to apply this understanding of temperament psychology will prepare you to help others discover and understand who they are according to how they are created on the inside.



This intense and powerful 16-hour course will help you further understand yourself and others by showing you how people of like temperaments do not always “look” the same.  The answer is found in the 16 InnerKinetics types.  It will also prepare you to be a more effective counselor/consultant/mentor.

Enter the world of each of the sixteen InnerKinetics types (the four variations of each temperament) by focusing on the four letters of the temperament profile to see how they affect each other. This is “must-have” information for every counselor, therapist, and consultant.  It gives the fine-tuning you need to answer the harder questions that come from your clients and to properly identify temperaments that appear difficult, especially when the person is not living in their strengths.

For effective work with people, this is “golden,” since it fine-tunes your knowledge of temperament.

You will be training with the founder of InnerKinetics®, Ray W. Lincoln, who will share his expertise with you for an enriching training experience that will develop your skills in a way that no other training can.



Also a 16-hour course, this one emphasizes InnerKinetics application and will prepare you to be an effective consultant.

To consult successfully, InnerKinetics Application will offer you:

  • An understanding of consulting systems
  • What consulting is and what it is not
  • How to create a rapport
  • Training on what to listen for and how to listen
  • An understanding of the dynamics of the consulting room
  • The use of silence and its techniques
  • How to plan accountability actions
  • Diagnosis techniques and how to create a prescription using temperament and how we function as the basis
  • The elements of our human makeup that are the motivational levers to achieve recovery
  • The format for a professional consulting session
  • Suggested homework assignments you can use

...and much more.


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