Understanding for This Changing World


The world is changing — FAST!  We find it hard to understand why people think the way they do.  It is especially hard for parents to understand why their youth are thinking the way they do.   What is the source for this changing world?  What is changing?


A Changing World of Thought

You may hear a child telling a parent, “That may be true for you, but it is not true for me.”  Such is the belief of Postmodernism, which is the philosophy of our culture today.  Beliefs produced such thoughts and resulted in this behavior, expressing a philosophy that is pervasive in our changing world.

The Changing World’s Beliefs of Postmodernism

Here are just a few of the characteristics of Postmodernism:

  • There is no such thing as universal or absolute truth, abstract or otherwise.
  • Nothing can be true for all people.
  • Subjective opinions, not objective facts, lead to greater tolerance.
  • Postmodern people are chameleons, constantly evolving, defining their own boundaries between themselves and others, and changing themselves as convenience or feelings demand.
  • All meta-narratives (beliefs that are universally true for all people) are denied as untrue.  This includes religion, etc.  The reason they claim this is because they believe all meta-narratives are pernicious, oppressive, and that they marginalize people, having the result of silencing them.
  • To be human, we must forget about eternity (meaning life after death).
  • All our beliefs should be relative and not absolute.
  • Scientific and historical statements are not objectively true.  Postmodernism’s fight with the truth of scientific facts has gone largely unnoticed.
  • All knowledge is made, not discovered — no facts only interpretations.
  • They reject objective evidence in favor of subjective evaluations  — seen in all they insist on in politics, law, the humanities, etc.  In its place, multiple opinions are valued rather than rules.
  • They avoid in-depth discussions about the big questions, like “who am I,” etc.

Looking Ahead

With this article, I begin an introduction to our future discussions where we will address, in addition to InnerKinetics, things like why your child sasses and disrespects you, etc.  In addition to affirmations of reality, you will find help for your parenting.

Join me for some frank and honest answers that we truly need in our “toolbox” to make our way successfully in this changing world.

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