What are you building today?

What are you building

Imagine a set of blueprints in your hands. If you knew that following these blueprints would lead you to a sense of fulfillment and discovery of purpose, would you wait long to unroll them? We all know intuitively that today can be a big problem for tomorrow. Or it can be the reason tomorrow is full of possibilities. So now is a great time to ask yourself: Today, what are you building?


What are you building? Ceilings, Floors, Or…?

I love to think about all the different metaphors I’ve heard for how we are to build a healthy foundation and future for ourselves and our kids.  I’ve heard it said that our ceilings should be their floors.  In other words, however high you have reached to discover your potential or how far you’ve traveled from the beginnings your parents gave you, this should be the starting point for your children. Your legacy would leave your family in a position to go further.

What do you think about this idea?

It certainly inspires me to aim high and do my very best. But what if the ways I am designed to think, feel and act are very different from those of my kids and those I influence? (They usually are, by the way.)  In this case, what I’m building needs to also be a space that supports the growth and development of people who live life with very different ideas, drives, and motivations than my own.

For some, ceilings represent a barrier. But for others, it represents something to reach for — a goal.

Floors can be viewed as a starting point from which to move away as far as you can go. Or floors can be viewed as the foundation that supports everything you are trying to do – a place on which you stand.

So, I want to suggest that even more productive than raising the roof or elevating the floor, we learn how to follow the set of blueprints our God-given inner designs reveal. Our unique inner designs include a package of inner strengths that help us build a healthy today and tomorrow.


Build a legacy with blueprints you can trust.

If you’re not busy making mistakes, stretching a bit beyond your comfort zone and learning better ways to create a life you can love, what are you building today?

 Your InnerKinetics is like a custom blueprint for a life full of fulfillment and discovery of your purpose. Learn how to read this blueprint and you can build today what you want for tomorrow.

Are you a careful and thoughtful planner whose hard work keeps everyone moving forward? A custom blueprint with your major milestones mapped out will support your success.

Or are you an optimistic and courageous risk-taker with the ability to offer timely solutions? You’ll need to glance at a reliable blueprint to reveal the best moves.

Perhaps you are a fiercely independent strategist, laser-locked on meeting important goals? “There’s an app for that!”

Or are you the one with your eye on the future at all times, constantly aiming higher and inspiring others to do the same? Grab hold of this map to your greatest potential.



Next week, we’ll be taking a closer look at the tools you possess for building a life you love. Be sure to discover which design is best for you!

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