What is RIGHT with you?

What is right?

When frustration takes over and people get “difficult,” what’s one of your first questions? Go ahead. Be honest. How many times have you asked, “What in the world is wrong with you?!” Or maybe you’re the one getting asked that. Whether it’s about your kids, your spouse, or your own self, it can be a fair question. But is it really a helpful one? Whether positive or negative, asking questions sets in motion one of the most powerful forces in your life: mental focus. So, let’s ask a big question about you that actually helps. What is RIGHT with you?


Are there actually “stupid” questions?

Let’s get something important out of the way. Remember the sweet-natured, big-hearted teachers in school that would tell you that there is no such thing as a stupid question? I disagree with that statement.

You see, some questions are designed to serve up a negative focus. They operate off the G.I.G.O. or “Garbage In/Garbage Out” principle. So, if you ask a question designed to find the negatives, your focus stays negative. And based on the way we’ve all been designed to act on our thoughts and beliefs, a negative focus never helps us arrive at a solution or an upgraded process.  In other words, negative questions have us dancing around the altar of making excuses and finding others to blame. So maybe there is such a thing as a “stupid” question. At any rate, I think it’s safe to say not all questions are equal in value.

If you want a helpful answer. Ask a helpful question.


“What is RIGHT with you?” is a helpful question.

Last week, we talked about whether your life is a chance happening or the result of an intelligent designer putting an intelligent design into motion. If you happen to subscribe to the idea that you’re not here by accident, then finding out the purpose for your life as well as how you’ve been designed to operate becomes pretty big and important questions to ask.  They’re essential questions when solving problems too.  If you’re the problem, asking “What’s wrong with me?” isn’t going to get you very far.  “What is right with me?” definitely sets your focus on the very forces in your life you need to get back on track.

A focus on what is right about you leads you to use the inner strengths you’re uniquely designed to use at an expert level. You’re led to a positive focus on the actual solution to self-made weaknesses that stand in your way.

So, whether you’re designed to be an ingenious, problem-solving strategist or a diplomatic and imaginative visionary, you’ll need to know a lot more about what is RIGHT with you.  Whether you’re an optimistic, action-oriented tactician, or a logistical genius and natural-born leader, you need to know what is RIGHT with you, not all that’s wrong.


When searching for change and solving important problems, asking the right questions matters.

 Let’s go there next week.  Identifying specifically WHAT IS RIGHT ABOUT YOU is the key to helping those you love and solving important problems you were meant to solve.


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