What Is Straight Thinking? — Introductory Thoughts

Straight Thinking should be this straight!

These articles will now change in nature somewhat.  My new book (proposed release date in late April of 2021) is titled Who Am I?  We are what we think.  So, the book and these articles will feature tools for adults and children to develop their minds and solid education of how our culture is deliberately molding our minds in self-damaging ways. Additionally, it will offer help to talk effectively to all people, especially our children. We will learn straight thinking versus crooked thinking so that our minds will not be taken captive by twisted and false thinking, which leads to damaging beliefs.  

Our beliefs are very important for our children and us because our beliefs are the filters that play a large part in molding our lives. YOUR MIND IS YOUR MOST PRECIOUS GIFT. Therefore, we will engage its powers as we understand ourselves better.

Our Culture Does Not Teach Straight Thinking

Our culture is teaching all of us a false understanding of our worth as human creatures. For instance, it is attacking what our self-image was designed to be built on and teaching us a way of thinking that is, to say the least, deceptive and false. Postmodernism and a materialistic understanding of who we are (along with other baggage of beliefs taught popularly in our educational system) are changing our culture in ways most people don’t even detect. Maybe many of our beliefs have been absorbed by osmosis. That’s what culture does to us.

Your Mind — Your Greatest Treasure

Your mind is your greatest treasure — even more important than your body. In fact, it controls your body. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” However, learning how to think correctly is typically not taught through early grades or even in university education. For the adult, Who Am I? and the articles that lie ahead will be an education in straight and crooked thinking and the wiles of the changing culture.

Want to be a straight and successful thinker? Want your children’s minds to learn to think straight in our culture and become strong? Then follow as we explore how our world got to where it is and what is the great battleground of the future.  

The Parent’s Mission

For the parent, your mission will be to train your child’s mind so that their greatest treasure is not taken captive and twisted with crooked thinking and false, damaging ideas. They probably are already thinking in ways that are deliberately designed to lead them astray. However, the educational system will not help. Certainly, you are in the seat that can offer them the needed help to sound and truly educated ways of thinking.  

Let Straight Thinking Mold Your Beliefs

We all are going to believe something. Your beliefs (your faith) will guide your life and your decisions. Therefore, think straight.

Are intelligent beliefs guiding your decisions? We will find out if they pass the muster of straight thinking.

Next time, we will dig into an examination of straight thinking versus crooked thinking.

We won’t forget the power of understanding our temperaments and InnerKinetics— I promise — as they interface constantly.

Who Am I?In my new book Who Am I?, I describe how we have become “crooked thinkers” and how to break out of this prison of the mind to become instruments of change for a better world by recognizing the source of our value as humans.  You can get your copy HERE.  (Psst!  Subscribers to my weekly updates can receive a 15% discount and free shipping from that link!)

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