What Will Knowing Myself Do For Me?

“What will knowing myself do for me?” you ask.  It can provide you with all the benefits listed below and more.  Knowing ourselves is life changing for most of us.  Completion of a temperament key opens the doors of our minds to the many insights self-understanding offers.  Our relationships benefit.  Life begins to sparkle as our knowledge expands with the vistas new perceptions bring.

10 Benefits of Knowing Myself

Here are ten benefits, but not by any means the total, of what this lifelong adventure in self-understanding may give you.  Ten ways you will benefit and grow (you will find many more).

Knowing yourself will mean you will:

  1. Be able to examine your own understanding of yourself and dig deeply into why you think, feel, and act the way you do.
  2. Find and better understand your individual design and its purpose, finding the path to ultimate fulfillment in life.
  3. Be better able to understand the behavior of others.
  4. Have a growing appreciation of the differences among those you know. The temperament of a person will become a starting point for the understanding of them and lead to the growth of exciting, rewarding relationships.
  5. Be able to better avoid damaging others with judgmental attitudes and a display of ignorance that tells them you do not know them at all.
  6. Have “tools” to develop true love and respect for others.
  7. Discover how temperament affects our learning style, success, motivations, depressive moods, relationship breakdowns, etc. You will actually become a light in the darkness of yours and other persons’ failures.
  8. Learn the secrets of bonding with others — understanding.
  9. Be better able to lift the sagging self-esteem of those who feel different and/or inferior to others.
  10. Parent like never before the more you understand your child and you will not painfully cry out, “I just don’t understand you.” You will study your child from a new perspective.

The Blessing of Knowing Myself

May your life be lit up with the knowledge of the immaterial and unseen operations of the amazing creature we call a human.

Be who you are! And let others be who they are!



Lean into the whole truth.  Discover the truth of who YOU are — the “Real You” — and who your children truly are.  Discover how to best engage your children in finding the whole truth.  INNERKINETICS, Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness, is a great resource.


It may surprise you, but your child is most probably a different temperament.  They are unique individuals too.  So even if they are the same temperament (two letters), they may be a different type (four letters).  And the strength of their drives will different from yours as well.  Your InnerKinetics (temperament) is not genetically passed on.  Therefore, it is exceedingly important to understand your child.  I’m a Keeper! is the resource you need to make that journey.

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