Your Inner Resources Are Completely Exhausted – What Should You Do?

Exhausted Inner Resources

Your supply of inner resources is exhaustible. What do you do when you’ve hit that brick wall? Your emotional tank is empty and mentally, there’s not much left. Life is so full of little stressors. Add some meaningful stress, like a major move, a job change or an illness in the family, and now you’ve got a big problem. You are about to run out of the inner resources you need to function healthily. How much stress can pile up on you before it spills over into every corner of your life, making a huge mess? How do you re-charge in a healthy, effective way? Look to your inner design for some easy answers.


The solution to exhausted inner resources.

We’ve spent the last few weeks unpacking the differences in the emotional fuel that each of the four InnerKinetics profiles use to function in a healthy way. Without the right emotional fuel in your tank, endless frustration will overtake your best efforts at personal success. Your inner design reveals the answer to two questions you must ask.

1. WHICH emotional fuel should you use to re-charge?

If you are an SP, you must find your optimism and find it fast.
Check out the SP’s QUICK GUIDE to operating with intelligent optimism.

Are you an SJ? Your caution will be a critical element to an effective re-set button. The SJ’s QUICK GUIDE to operating with intelligent caution.

An NT’s inner resources include the intelligent use of calm. Use the NT’s QUICK GUIDE to operating with intelligent calm.

An NF will master their passions or their passions will master them. Here’s the NF’s QUICK GUIDE to operating with intelligent passion.

2. HOW do you actually get the fuel to re-charge?

It’s great to know WHICH type of fuel to use to deal with emotional and mental exhaustion. But HOW will you get that fuel?

Imagine yourself in the daily pressure cooker of pre-school activities. You are definitely going to be late to work. You are on the highway with 5 more miles between you and the drop-off line. One kid is crying. One is singing loudly to drown out the crying one. Your third child is asking you to do 3-digit subtraction in your head to complete homework that should have been done last night. Sound familiar?

Now look down to find your fuel gauge on the giant red “E”! And there is NO gas station between you and school. You get the idea. It’s not too hard to summon mages of you and 3 upset kids on the side of the highway.

This imaginary stress I may have just conjured up can happen to any of us unless we know how to get to the next “emotional gas station.”


There are two ways to fuel up. Which way is yours?

Once you know your InnerKinetics® profile (your inner design), you’ll also know whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. These terms are largely misunderstood. Many people believe that they describe whether you are a “people-person” or not. Introversion and extroversion are not a measure of your sociability. They describe the manner in which you re-charge when your batteries are completely flat!


Do you know the Real You? WHICH fuel do you need to function healthily and HOW can you get it in the fastest, most effective way?

Discover your InnerKinetics here:   Help Me Identify My Inner Design

And stay tuned next week to find out what being an extrovert or introvert really means.

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