Where are you in your current season?

Your current season

With a new year comes all the familiar opportunities. It’s a chance to start new things, stop old things, resolve to make changes, and re-prioritize. Of course, there’s nothing truly magical or concrete about January 1. It’s a date on the calendar that may or may not represent something new. But there’s an important aspect of your seasons. Whether they be physical or figurative seasons in your personal life, they all have beginnings, middles, and ends. So where are you in your current season?


In the beginning

Do you love the hope and expectation that comes along with new beginnings? It’s the best, isn’t it? You’ve not yet had to deal with any disappointment or failure. Whatever goals might be attached to the start of something new, you’re still at the height of optimism that you’ll be successful. At the beginning of your current season, it’s a great opportunity to choose upon what you’ll be focused. Will it be a positive or negative focus? That’s a choice you can make now. And in your current season, a positive focus on your success can carry you through every stage of your current season.


Around the middle

What do you think? I’ve often heard it said that stewarding the middle of a season is the most difficult. After all, you have no idea how long it’s going to last. Given that you have no real view of its duration, will you continue to focus on your success?  Will you look for every good thing you can get from its duration? Is your success the only good outcome? Or are there others?


Even at the end

It’s a funny thing about the end of a season. You have no idea you’re in the end until it’s over. So, since you have no idea whether you’re actually in the beginning, middle, or end, make the choices that are within your control. Your positive focus, for example, is your choice. And it carries you through every season of your life.  Even when the season is full of challenge, disappointment, or failure, your positive focus is the only thing worth choosing.

And upon what positive thing will you focus?  Your success is certainly positive in nature. But success doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get all the best the season has to offer.  Here’s an upgrade that includes — but isn’t limited to — your success: PURSUE THE REAL YOU


Your Current Season

The Real You is a person we often talk about in this blog. And the beginning of a new year could also represent a new season in your life. If, in your current season, you want the very best it has to offer, consider who the Real You is. Understand all you can about that person. Pursue becoming that person and using their strengths to steward getting all the best out of 2021.

And come back next week as we place some very powerful and helpful tools in your hands. Let’s talk more about “The Real You 2021.” And if you want to get started immediately, start here:

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