No People, No Company

Placement and Hiring

Without people, there is no Company — meaning no staff, no business, no customers or clients.  We should add: Without people performing at their best and creating productive relationships, a company will fall short of its potential.

“No people, no company” is just part of the story.

Where do we begin in creating a company in which its people propel it to its goals?  We begin with placement and hiring.

Most companies begin with applications and resumés, followed by an interview of those whose submissions are of interest.  But what if you could know who the person really is on the inside, what drives them and urges them to produce — not just what they “say” is their motivation?  You would then know what kind of position they would perform best in.  Furthermore, you would know how to motivate them and challenge them to work at maximum performance.  And you would know how they will meld with the team to achieve the company’s goals.  You would be on your way to maximizing your investment in your people.

Each person is different.  InnerKinetics takes seriously how those differences impact and shape the work environment.  From the conditions under which we work to the satisfaction it brings; and from the relationships we share, to the goals of the company, our individual InnerKinetics play a large part.  There is scarcely a moment when who we are does not affect the work we do.

Who we are determines more about our performance than our resumé credits

We spend a large portion of our waking hours at work.  Mostly, we are hired for our education, experience, talents, and abilities.  Yet, when we come to work, it is who we are (the person we are deep inside) that arrives and performs throughout the day.  It’s that person we need to know.  Productivity is certainly linked to who we are and how we feel.  If our income were all that mattered, the choice of job would become irrelevant.  But that is not all that matters.  The love of our work — the passion and the spirit in which we work — is at the core of successful motivation and achievement.

Therefore, who are we?  What makes us tick and bend our efforts to excel?  Our inner drives and urges — what for centuries has been known as our given temperament — create our preferences and shape our lives.  This way of seeing people is not only scientifically proven but verified millions of times over in human experience.

The company invests in each person they hire — whether they know it or not

Surely, the company is investing in a person and that person’s unique design.  The person who can help take the company to its highest levels of success is the one they want to hire.  They want to make a good investment and realize a return on the salary, training, time and benefits they will spend on that person.

Real understanding of people is of great benefit for those who are interested in finding a true fit for the people they hire.   And for those who make the final decision on placement and hiring, it is an absolute must.   It is also a must for the leaders who work daily with their team and want the best from their team.  The addition of a quality assessment tool, such as the InnerKinetics Temperament Key, to better inform placement and hiring is a basic tool they must employ.  The information it provides will also guide annual reviews toward the achievement of much better results.

All that results from the placement and hiring decisions, together with the knowledge of InnerKinetics application, will provide information that will make for greater productivity and company commitment.  Such productivity and commitment to the company maximizes the company’s return on the investment in that individual.

Knowing the person’s drives supersedes learned skills and the worker’s background in value

InnerKinetics does not concern itself with learned skills and the quantity and quality of a worker’s experience.  Other testsWithout InnerKinetics, musical chairs may determine how well you know your staff. and questionnaires do that.  It is concerned with the important question of just who we are hiring or who we have working for us. InnerKinetics is about temperament, the core of our being that reaches into all we are and all we do.

It provides the knowledge about the urges and drives that shape their behavior and lives.  Neither a resumé nor an interview will provide this valuable information — extremely valuable information indeed.  Much less guesswork in placement and hiring is required when such information can be gleaned from an assessment.  You will know who you have on your team and benefit both them and your company with that knowledge.  No more “musical chair” hiring.

Larger companies will typically write a job description and then rely on the HR department to find and hire.  Smaller companies must do the task themselves and in the view of some, they have an advantage because they are hands-on with the hiring process from beginning to end.  This familiarity can really pay off.  Either way, the company has a vested interest in its people and can proceed with confidence when applying the knowledge InnerKinetics provides about each person.  Adding this knowledge and understanding and applying it to your company’s placement and hiring process will increase the momentum to the company’s goals.


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