Understand Your X Factor

Understand your X factor

You know those deep desires and urges within you that you couldn’t change even if you wanted to? I’m talking about those inner forces that seem to drive you from the inside out. Those are your X Factor. For example, the need to make plans and decisions lightning fast. Perhaps you have an intense need for being as perfect as possible. Maybe you need action more than most and boredom sets in early and often. Or maybe you get tunnel vision until your work on a project is complete. Why are these hidden drives so familiar that, without their presence, you’d not even feel like “yourself”? Get understanding about the forces at work within you. It’s time to understand your X Factor.

What you don’t understand can cost you happiness.

If you’ve been tracking with our recent posts, you’re beginning to see that no matter what your God-given inner design, learning to follow those hidden forces in your life leads to your greatest potential.  In fact, those desires and urges are so critical to your happiness, they’ve been placed deep within your innermost being. Their function is to guide your spirit just like DNA directs your physical body. You can actually feel the influence of this “spiritual DNA” as preferences or urges that guide you in the direction your life is meant to go.  In this case, ignorance is not bliss.


Your X Factor

Those hidden forces don’t just influence your quest for fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction.  They set you apart from others. Can you really become EVERYthing you aspire to be? NO. And none of us can actually become all things to all people. But you can become everything you are meant to be. And you can be what you were meant to be with excellence and at a level that surpasses others who are cut from a different cloth.

Leadership, parenting, and personal development skills all start with understanding your own X Factor.

Next week, we’re picking up where we left off, so now’s a great time to get caught up. See how your own X Factor defines the guard rails for your life.  Follow the wise words from the ancient one who said, “Though it costs all you have,  get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7) Begin by understanding your X Factor.

You can begin with this helpful tool:


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