Your Best Move in a Crisis

What Now?

How have you been lately? Are you the Rock of Gibraltar or acting like Chicken Little? Or maybe it depends on the day? Here’s something to think about. Your abilities to think straight, handle stress well, and operate with helpful emotions is based on something very much within your control. Let’s talk about your best move in times of crisis.


Just Keep Swimming… in the Right Direction

Just keep swimming!” That dorky little blue fish from Finding Nemo is wise beyond her fishy years. It’s not because we’re supposed to just keep moving for movement’s sake. It’s because movement with intentional direction leads us to our purpose and a sense of fulfillment.  We know these are two very necessary ingredients to a happy, stable life. Moving our lives (e.g., our relationships, our careers, our faith) in the direction they’re intended to go strengthens us in every way. This is especially true in the face of uncertainty. Yet times of crisis can often tempt us to take actions that are not in our best interest. Or even worse, we panic and freeze.

What’s more, being able to take action that makes sense just feels better.  Don’t you agree?  When so many circumstances are forcing our inaction, taking some actions on purpose generates the motivation and peace of mind you need to stay in motion.


Will your next move be your best move?

So, what will it be? Your next move, that is. We all need to make progress and take actions that are consistent with the Real Us. And our inner design explains a very large part of why these actions must look a certain way.

  • What should an SJ do in when the details are unknown?
  • Can an SP take the right actions during forced inaction?
  • How does an NT make the most logical decisions with so many unknowns?
  • Will an NF be able to cultivate relationships (the very thing they’re born to do) when social distancing prevents personal contact?

If you want to help yourself, or those around you, take action. Once you know your InnerKinetics, return here next week to learn more about the best moves to make. We’ll answer these questions.


By design, we make our best moves when the situation calls for us to use our inner strengths. Visit our website at Grab a copy of InnerKinetics – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness to learn more about the strength you possess by design.


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