Take Care of Your Decision Maker

Take care of your decision maker

Can you trust yourself to make good decisions? Talk about a loaded question! Ever been tempted to just let Magic 8 Ball make the call?  Just say no… unless it’s about an ice cream flavor. I don’t know about you, but my honest answer to this seems dependent on the outcome of my choices during any given week. Regardless of whether you trust your decision-making, here’s some really good news! You were intentionally designed for success and good decisions. Circumstances can change for the good or the bad. And clearly, they aren’t all within your control. But your decisions (your responses) can still position you to succeed. Your “decision maker” can be trusted as long as you’re taking action to keep it functioning at its top performance.

Your decision maker is supported by these 3 actions:


2.    Learn your design-driven strengths and how to develop them.

3.    Know how your strengths influence your decision-making.

It’s that straight forward.

What if you don’t know these 3 things, but you’ve had no trouble with the outcome of your decisions? Then you’re amongst the fortunate few who’ve become good at instinctively and routinely following your strengths straight into solid, helpful decisions.

However, if using your strengths to power good decisions is something you want to know more about, read on. If you want to understand how these inner drives can guide your good decisions, today is a great day to start!


Once you know your inner design…

You can know which are your innate inner strengths. And you can know how the outcome of your using them is different than the outcomes when others do.



  • Learn how the imagination, empathy, and intuition of an “NF” is different from those with another design.
  • Answer the question, “Why is the need to control a healthy thing for those with a “J” in their InnerKinetics?
  • Can those who thrive on fun, action, and enjoyment also be viewed as tactical geniuses with a reputation for real-time solutions?
  • How can those considered to be logical and focused on the use of their intelligence be equally known for their brilliant use of emotions and the creation of deeply connected relationships?


And next week, get answers to these questions and other questions you choose to ask the team at InnerKinetics. 

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