Your Emotions and Their Life-Changing Power

Can you imagine life without your emotions? What a boring, uncolorful and uninspiring life it would be. Even the most compelling stories depend on rich emotions to distinguish between the good and the evil in each character. But particularly for those of us who have a reputation for being “emotional,” it’s tempting to wish we could just stop being so “emotional.”  Can you relate to this particular attribute in your personality getting you into all sorts of trouble? Emotions can devastate us when not controlled and drain our lives of meaning when not appreciated.

Put another way, our emotions can play the role of hero or villain in our lives. They are powerful forces in the human system that can transform experiences and events from devastating to delightful, or vice versa, within a few seconds. They can put life’s sad events into a simple, positive perspective. By contrast, our emotions can distort positive or neutral events so they immediately destroy both our confidence and hope.


“Emotions are the most powerful force in the human system.
So, we must remember that emotions can give us the “Good Life” and the
“Bad Life,” but not without the freedom to choose.” ~ Ray W. Lincoln

Heroes or villains? It’s actually your choice.

Emotions shape your whole life. First of all, they can play the role of hero or villain in your circumstances by urging you to follow their purposes (either good or bad). For example, vengeance has only one purpose. Similarly, so does kindness. What’s more, emotions can even persuade YOU to turn hero or villain. Clearly, emotions have a powerful effect on our lives. However, there’s great news! The emotions you ultimately choose to partner with are your choice!

In other words, positive emotions bring out the best in you. They lead you to entertain positive thoughts and beliefs. What’s more, they power your innate inner strengths. Most importantly, they help you maintain the motivation you need to be your best.

Certainly, it comes down to your emotional intelligence. If you want to maximize your “EQ,” there’s never been a better time.


Join us for a book study on the ultimate guide to mastering your emotions.

This week, we begin a 6-week book study, designed to dramatically level up your emotional intelligence (“your EQ”).

Here’s everything you need to do to join us:

  1. Make sure you know your InnerKinetics. This simple assessment will provide the answers you’ll need as we study how to become intelligently emotional.  Just click the orange button to complete the assessment.
  2. Grab your copy of the bookIntelligently Emotional by Ray W. Lincoln. And check our weekly updates for a discount coupon code that includes free shipping.
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What will emotional intelligence do for you?

Just in case you’re asking yourself, “How can emotional intelligence really matter in my life?” consider this. It won’t make you into a non-feeler. However, you’re likely to be a more sensitive, responsive person. Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Firstly, you can actually enjoy your emotions.
  • Moreover, you can exercise the freedom to choose and use your emotional power wisely.
  • You can level up your leadership.
  • It will help you understand others much better and dramatically improve your most important relationships.
  • Most importantly, you can maximize your plans for a positive, hope-filled future.
  • And there’s so much more.


We hope to see you inside the pages of this essential read. Just follow the directions above to get started. We’ll be reading approximately one chapter a week. But no worries, you can go at your own pace. Here’s a summary of our suggested weekly reading plan:

Part 1: Understanding Emotions 

  • Week 1, Chapter 1
  • Week 2, Chapter 2
  • Week 3, Chapter 3

Part 2: Emotional Intelligence per Temperament 

  • Week 4, Chapters 4- 5

Part 3: The Intelligently Emotional Lifestyle

  • Week 5, Chapters 6- 7
  • Week 6, Chapters 8-11




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