Where’s your focus?

Your focus

Humans are designed to become whatever has captured their time, energy and attention. In other words, we go where we’re focused. The evidence of our focus often speaks for itself. Certainly, it explains why we often feel we’ve been boxed into a corner with no way to move forward. It can just as easily explain how we can get so far “off track” from being the person we really want to be. Are you acting judgmental or cynical? Are you feeling uninspired or aimless? You can fix that. The fix starts with an important question.  WHAT HAS CAPTURED YOUR FOCUS?


What’s the big deal about focus?

Your focus is a powerful force – for good, or for bad.

I love to examine the steps that notably strong, successful people take to discover their potential. What do they do to gain the confidence they’ve stepped into their purpose? It’s fascinating because very few of these people ever say they’ve fully arrived at this place. Interviews, documentaries, and journal entries all seem to reveal they believe there’s always more to do, further to go, and more to become. Now, that just seems SMART!  Why would you want to entertain the notion of having “arrived” when you can keep these important things out in front of you as a point of focus and motivation?

In fact, your focus creates an intense “attention center” in your mind. The finer the focus, the greater the power that’s generated. What’s more, focus magnifies whatever it is asked to concentrate on. It grabs and holds your attention.

So what’s the big deal about focus? The tension caused by your focus can be positive and healthy, or negative and damaging.


Are you focused on becoming or failing?

There’s a book many have come to view as an invaluable guide for personal development. According to this guide, we each have clearly different paths to becoming all we’re meant to be. It boils down to focus. Strengths are an innate part of your inner design. A focus on strengths leads you into discovering your purpose and a sense of lasting fulfillment.

So if you’ll learn how to use your strengths properly, you can become the Real You. In contrast, you’ll get distracted by self-made weaknesses.  Failure to become all you can be doesn’t have to be your experience.


Customize and concentrate your focus.

Learn more about developing a CUSTOMIZED FOCUS on your God-given strengths:

Once you know your inner design, here are some resources on how The Real You concentrates on strengths. It’s the one thing that everyone needs to know.

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