Your Ingenuity – Are You Solving Today’s Problems?

Your Ingenuity - solving Today's Problems

What kind of personal choices do you think matter most right now? It’s clear that we face a level of difficulty and uncertainty that many have never experienced. I’ve seen #allinthistogether used on anything from social media posts and statues wearing surgical masks to graduating class of 2020 yard signs. And in fact, we are all in this present trouble together.  So, will you be part of the solution, or part of the problem? How much will your ingenuity factor in? Let’s talk more about your abilities to solve both today’s problems and deal with tomorrow’s possibilities.


Are you placing demands on your inner genius?

Cambridge dictionary defines “ingenuity” as:  the skill of thinking, performing, or using things in new ways, especially to solve problems. Other sources say it’s the quality of being clever, creative or imaginative. And I think we all have a certain level of “clever genius” we must apply to our daily lives right now. Frankly, it can be the difference between running out of hard-to-find home supplies or riding out the next few weeks living way more like early pioneers used to.


For those of us who are inherently creative, imaginative, tactical and/or hard-working, our ingenuity has a clear application in dealing both with today’s problems and tomorrow’s possibilities. A spontaneous flash of genius is possible at any time within any set of circumstances, as long as we’re actively using our inner strengths.

But for some of you, your ingenuity goes far beyond a skill or quality. It’s an essential element in how you think, feel and act.



IF YOU’RE NOT AN NT, using your ingenuity can result in your using your inner strengths correctly to see a need and meet that need.

BUT IF YOU ARE AN NT, ingenuity IS one of your inner strengths. When you use it, the results can not only benefit the world around you, but it can create an intangible sense of fulfillment within you.

No temperament can claim sole rights to producing geniuses. But ingeniousness appears often in the “NT” through their inventions, strategies and theorizing. An NT’s ingenuity is the result of their compulsion to create a better world.


Develop your ingenuity according to inner design.

Regardless of your inner design, your creative problem solving is sorely needed right now. We need each other’s strengths brought to the proverbial table if we’re to end up a stronger community than when the COVID-19 crisis started.

But if you’re an NT, it’s time to further develop your inner genius. Not only can you contribute in ways others cannot, but it’s an important part of your overall health and stress management.



Creativity in the theoretical world brings great satisfaction and the NT is truly fulfilled when their ingenuity has been accepted and successfully used.

An ingenious discovery or invention can mean instant success during a time when new thinking is the only way forward. Developing this God-given strength looks like this:

  • Think outside the box.
  • Bring together ideas that haven’t been previously associated for an ingenious result.
  • Organize and reorganize your ideas. New concepts can develop as you do so.
  • Use your determination, intense curiosity, logic and strategy to stir up your ingeniously creative drives.
  • Pursue the inspiration that comes from following your intuitive ideas.


Are you ready to develop your strength of ingenuity?

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