Guard Rails for Your “Just Right” Life

Guard Rails for your "Just Right" life

What if Goldilocks were a teenager, just learning to drive? What’s more, she’s your daughter. Like many of us whose kids are fast approaching driving age, you would eventually have to let her get in a car by herself. Shed actually get to drive away, without you, into the big bad world. It’s terrifying — unless, you know that she has an on-demand driving instructor in the back seat. Imagine it! This fairy godmother-like driving instructor would prepare her for every circumstance she encountered. She’d even install guard rails all along her path:  every busy highway, sketchy on-ramp, or dangerous mountain pass – GUARDED. It would certainly change your level of anxiety while watching your child drive away, wouldn’t it?

Alas, it doesn’t work that way with teen drivers. BUT, it’s very much the way your own inner design works. No matter what the circumstances or the number of available choices, your inner design actually provides guard rails for your “Just Right Life.” 

Finding just the right road to travel.

We’ve camped on a strategy that helps you create a life that’s just right for you, making course corrections along the way. And we’re not quite ready to change the channel. You see, the search for a life that brings you fulfillment and a sense of purpose is essential. Every person who’s making an impact on the world around them or wants to be an agent for positive change needs to work from that “sweet spot” along the road. We’ve called this your “Just Right Life,” and it’s your inner strengths that serve as your guard against going “off the rails.”

Do you notice just how many top 10 lists there are for habits possessed by effective leaders?

The one thing missing from all of them is revealed through your inner design (your InnerKinetics®). InnerKinetics Leadership Habit #1: Develop your inner strengths and use them all day long. Then, all the other habits, skills and choices fall right into place – between the guard rails of your inner design.

  • Do you want good communication habits? Develop your unique inner strengths according to your inner design.
  • How about self-control? Learning to be in control of things that are actually within your control without over controlling requires your unique expression of inner strengths to find that “just right” amount.
  • What about that elusive search for “balance” that every good leader, thoughtful parent, or forward-thinking entrepreneur is supposed to find? Again, it’s going to take the guard rails that your inner strengths offer to keep you on that “just right” road.

Find balance between the guard rails.

Let’s face it. Balance cannot look the same for all of us. One person’s sense of balance might look like a total mess to someone else. What’s more, true and total balance wouldn’t actually get you where you want to go. With true balance, nothing leans in a particular direction. There’s no forward movement. Although we need some balance to avoid too much of any one thing, the right mix of work, play, and critical thinking is found when you lean toward the urges and preferences your inner strengths generate. It follows that even in seeking and creating balance, you must learn to lean toward your inner strengths and apply them correctly to the situation.


If you’re an “NT,” balance can be tricky. The intense determination with which you live every day means you stay on task until your goal is accomplished. “All or nothing” is your specialty. Therefore, balance is accomplished between the guard rails of your inner strengths. Your strength of determination keeps you moving forward. It’s your strength of efficiency that helps you move into the fastest lane without compromising the desired outcome. And your strengths of staying calm and collected keeps you from flying off the rails when obstacles are met. That’s what I call NT Balance.


It makes sense that you learn everything you can about the right use of the inner strengths you possess, like being determined, being efficient, and keeping your calm. Operating these strengths correctly means you also find balance without going to the extremes of which you are capable. Consider this guide written just for you.


You have a very different set of strengths that serve as guard rails and help you find balance. 

  • You could be an SP, who meets the demands of the situation while still maintaining a sense of fun and excitement. 
  • Perhaps you’re an NF, who desires the ideal version of any one thing. Your goal to achieve the very best outcomes is wonderful. If you use this strength properly, idealism means you aim high. What’s more, you get more than many others would get once they encountered obstacles. 
  • Or you could be an SJ, who leans into your strengths of following proven strategies and a sense of duty to find just the right balance in your life. Follow what works. And if it doesn’t work, keep moving forward with creativity and a steady hand until the balance has been struck. 

Set the Guard Rails for Your “Just Right Life”

To sum up: you’ve got built-in guard rails to guide you.

  • Are you struggling to feel a sense of satisfaction from what you’re doing? Every time you’re tempted to worry that you’re not on the right track, use an inner strengths.
  • Since you can’t progress in your life without the support of people who believe in your dreams, lean into your InnerKinetics and master an important leadership skill.
  • If you want to give your kids the upgrade from wherever your own childhood brought you, get some understanding. Every parenting issue will require some major grace and patience on your part. Your inner strengths are the source.

Find the balance just right for you. Learn more with this free assessment.

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